Suggest Some Good Places to Buy Shirts
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Jan 26, 2008
I'm desperately low on T-Shirts. I've been scouting out band websites, but most are pretty fruitless.

Which bands have really good shirts for sale online? I already have spoon, cake, the walkmen, mogwai, and a few others, but I'd like more. The Hold Steady has a few good ones too.

If not, are there any good shirt sites out there with cool and non-obnoxious designs on them? Joke shirts are out too. I don't want to spend twenty bucks on wearable one liner or movie reference from Anchorman. :frowns at Snorg:
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^ They have great nerdy/gaming tshirts.
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I like this one

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Buy a CanJam '08 shirt.
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I like to get my clothes from less trendy places.. because those are shirts least likely to be worn by someone else while you're wearing it

In an average day at school I can see like 3 Threadless tees of the same design worn by different people..
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American Apparel's shirts are very comfortable for a plain shirt, and last longer than the cheap stuff like Hanes (Gildan is fairly decent). They are expensive for a shirt, but they do offer 3-packs, which save a bit of dough.

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