suggest a better balanced DAC
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Mar 28, 2008
I currently have a zapped zhaolu 2.5c with XLR and RCA outputs. love the sound - lots of detail and very quiet. feeds my LD VI and it's a good match IMO.

Just looking to see what you think will be a natural progression in terms of upgrade down the road..... prefer to get RCA and XLR outputs and some sort of non-opamp output stage.

three that come to mind - but not a lot of users have reported them here:

Lite Audio DAC-68
Xindak DAC-5
Twister Pear OPUS and Sabre32

budget is flexible, but my main thrust is bang-for-buck. thanks!
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non-opamp output?
Tried transformers?
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Originally Posted by glitch39 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
I mean discrete or tube output stage

So you never tried?
And what is what you are looking for in sound?
Some 'character'? Or transparency?
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Since your budget is flexible: Audio-gd Reference 1.

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