Sugden owners- bought a used A48B
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Aug 13, 2001
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Aug 13, 2001
I was initially looking for a power amp and then connect my MG head DT up as a preamp. But when I was in getting a new Shure M97xE cart I stumbled upon a used Sugden A48B.

Since it's the model that also includes a phono stage, and I like the tubeish sound I fell for it. ompared it directly against a brand new Musical Fidelity A300. I was impressed by the Sugden more in many areas like female vocals, warmth and depth - the A300 was better for size of soundstage -still the Sugden Impressed - and Lps sounded better than the MF IMO.

I paid $425.00 CDN. I don't know what the mono button does either????

I know the headmaster is very popular...And I will be keeping an eye out for used ones...and also use it as a preamp for my Arcam Delta 290 Integrated.

This Sugden sounds so awesome. It has load limitations...but My Wharfedales are 95db sensitive so the Sugden's 65 push pull class A watts are plenty more than I need.

Any of you using the Headmaster also using Sugden in you 2 channel rigs? Sugden doesn't get the press like some - too bad. The sound seems like a cross between close to the best of tube and solid state combined(but doesn't sound like a hybrid). Whatever they've done is magic.
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