Sugden Headmaster/Ampmaster combo?
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Papa Lazarou

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Jul 5, 2002
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Jul 5, 2002
The Headmaster is a great amp that'll power just about any headphone except the AKG K1000.

What about the Headmaster/Ampmaster combo to do this job? Anyone familiar with this amp. I often see them pictured together, but the Ampmaster doesn't seem to have the fame of it's littler brother. I don't know if it's a good amp.

This is what I found on the Sugden site:

Design and technology
There are two stages of amplification in the basic configuration, both of which we feel are unique to the AmpMaster:

An input stage with high quality unity gain. This stage is built into the closed feedback loop.

An output stage with a high open loop gain and current feedback.

The output acts as a virtual earth amplifier with the base of the input section. The circuit is usually used in HF and digital sampling circuits and has a slew rate of approximately 1000v/us. The stability of the circuit is such that no frequency compensation is required. The limiting factor for the bandwidth is solely a 6dB per octave passive filter on the input. This HF performance and the passive filter ensure that there are no slewing problems with any possible musical structure presented.

The power amplifier has DC offset compensation (pre-set) and is directly coupled to the loudspeaker. This gives the conditions of optimum damping of the low frequencies for maximum bass extension.

There is no current limiting circuit in the amplifier that enables optimum impulse handling.

The power supply utilises a 100 Watt low flux torroidal transformer with high current capability in combination with 10000uf high-grade smoothing capacitors. All the components in each section of the amplifier are high quality components chosen for their enhancement of tonal balance and are rated for long life and close tolerance.

A single pair of gold plated RCA phono sockets with Teflon inserts are provided to connect a pre-amp, and a single stereo pair of gold plated muti way binding posts for loudspeakers. An IEC fused mains inlet socket is the only other connection on the rear panel. The front panel is of minimalist design with a latching on off power switch and a red led power indicator

The case is of solid machined aluminium with custom designed heatsinks to our own die design. The entire case is chemically dyed in an attractive 'black chrome' finish and screen printed with a special etching ink that is incredibly durable.

Power output into 8ohms both channels working before onset of clip 16.4volts (34 watts)

Input sensitivity 640mV for maximum output

Frequency response +-0.3dB 20Hz-25kHz

10Hz - 200KHz wide bandwidth

Signal to Noise ratio >100dB

Stereo Separation >70dB 6Hz- 90kHz

Distortion <0.01% 20Hz-20kHz

It certainly sounds different to me. Does anyone know, is this an unusual design? Any opinions?
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