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Sub $60 IEMs with Sansa Fuze

  1. aleex
    I've had the CX300-II's and the Denon AH-C360. Liked CX300 more. Denons were very comfy.
    Apart from that, I have the DT990's + Essence STX. I do like bass but it's not a must. Wouldn't like anything fully neutral though.
    I've been looking alot at the Brainwavz M2, but I wouldn't mind other suggestions.
    I'd like something that is:
    - Not neutral: bass preferred
    - in no need of amping
    - $60 or less
    - preferably available in Europe w/ shipping to Sweden. If they're not available in Europe or they're overpriced here, I'm happy to reconsider.
  2. shureThing
    I don't think the M2s will last the distance, but the PL50s might.
  3. aleex
    The M2's and PL50's were both very interesting, but tips on bassy $60 IEM's wouldn't be wrong.
    One ear wants to stay bassy, one wants to try something new. So to speak!  Still maintain my position on fully neutral earphones, though. Rather have something more coloured, "fun".
    I will do a bit of research myself now, thanks for the tip shureThing.
  4. shureThing
    I think you can still can refurbished Monster Turbines for $40-$60. I haven't heard them personally, but I have heard they are quite fun and bassy.

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