Sub 500$ dap suggestion needed for black Friday 2019
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Nov 10, 2013
Dhaka, Bangladesh
Hello all. Perdon me if this has been asked before, but I need urgent suggestions. I am looking to purchase a DAP that can be found for under 500$ in this black Friday.
Preferences are-
1. Must be sub 500$ during the sale
2. Sound quality is most important, so leaning towards offline daps
3. Can be used as a dac with phones
4. Will be primarily paired with campfire Andromeda (i have iematch but would prefer a good pairing without that)
5. 2.5/4.4mm balanced is okey.
6. Can only purchase from reputed us stores or penon/linsoul or eBay.

I Iam coming from the pioneer xdp-300r which i loved but is dead now. have my eyes on stuff like cowon plenue 2 (mk1)which is 550$ now on Amazon so bit out of my budget. have seen these go for 480$ before. anyplace else where i can find em? Also have my eyes on stuff like Sony zx300a and ibasso dx160 but preference is sound. Please suggest people. And thanks in advance.

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