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Sub $200 Headphone recommendations?

  1. dwang040
    As much as I enjoy listening to music with my RHA ma750, I've been thinking about getting some headphones. I'm told that headphones can sound better and be more "immersive."

    Just a quick note, I wouldn't call myself an audiophile. I just like listening to music and I do enjoy being able to hear "everything" a song has to offer and its little details. I'm perfectly fine with the ma750 sound signature. Though, sometimes I do feel as if the highs can be a bit too sharp and overpowering. Maybe that means my earbuds' seals are getting loose... idk.

    I do have a dac amp, the nuForce uDac-3. I mainly got it cause I don't like the motherboard audio solutions and it was on sale at MassDrop.

    Some headphones I've looked at. Sennheiser 6XX, Sennheiser 58X, AKG K7XX, Grado SR225e, and Hifiman HE400i. I'm open to options and feedback.

    One more thing, I know I've listed all open back headphones, but do you think a pair of open back headphones is better than closed back? I know noise is a factor when it comes to open back. How much noise leaks out and how much noise leaks in?

    Thank you for your help and suggestions.
  2. FastAndClean
    Sennheiser 6XX
  3. dwang040
    Thanks. Just curious, why did you pick it over the others?
  4. dgindlespergerd
    Hifiman He-4xx... just do it.
  5. FastAndClean
    Because it sound good
  6. NA Blur
    Philips Fidelio x2
    Great sound ( slightly dark and not fatiguing )
    Good build quality ( more durable and portable than the HE-400i
  7. dwang040
    I'll definitely take a look at the Philips Fidelio x2.

  8. NA Blur
    It does leak some sound so keep that in mind.
  9. Dawnrazor
    I would add the monolith m565 to your list. Iirc there is a review or 2 that compared them favorably to some on your list. I bought them and have been really pleased. If you can run them balanced its worth it

    Bass is off the hook but accurate as you would expect from planars. Very revealing but neutral. Not bright or fatiguing.

    Was thinking of the Hifiman on your list and may get them for a 2nd system but probably will just get the m1060 since it looks like they fixed most of the issues
  10. dwang040
    Thank you for the suggestion, I'll give the monolith m565 a checkout!
    Dawnrazor likes this.
  11. IEMstrong
    Add the Beyer DT series to your list
    Dawnrazor likes this.
  12. dwang040
    xd oh boy, so many new headphones to check out and choose from. I'll definitely look up the Beyer DT to my look up list.
  13. shwaz
    Check out the Sennheiser 58x over the 6xx, google it and you can find writeups and comparisons. I'm pretty noob so don't take my word for it, but I bought both at the same time and I subjectively found the 58x sound more pleasing, consensus says they're more bassy than the 6xx.
    or buy my 6xx, they're for sale =D

    Open backed headphones can leak a LOT of noise, in both directions. consider where you want to use them. I only use mine at my home office.
  14. BunnyNamedCraig
    Grados might be too sharp for you if you treble sensitive. I love their energetic sound and think they are a lot of fun though.

    To your one question I think that open backs do leak out a lot of sound, but that’s all relative to your situation... I owns tons of open backs and prefer their sound to a majority of closed backs. If a closed back can give me good soundstaging and can sound “open” then I will dig it though!

    I Recently I got the Audeze Mobius and I am looking forward to owning a closed back for gaming so I won’t have to hear my ceiling fan in the background ha. It’s also nice to not have to turn your headphones too loud if there is a lot of commotion around you. Just some things to think about...

    I’m a big advocate for the Meze 99 neo for this price range. It will be closer sound signature to the HD650, but not nearly as dark. Just depends on what part of music is most important to you!
  15. Mhog55
    The 58X is such an outstanding headphone.
    Hifiman Edition S offers the best of both worlds - open and semi open.
    And don't forget the Beoplay H6. Another lovely headphone.

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