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Sub-200€ Portable AMP or AMP/DAC

  1. Jerda
    Have to choose an amp/Dac or just an amp to pair with an he-400i and some iems in the future.
    The device have to be inside a budget of 200€, I've ordered the Fiio Q1mk2 but I could send it back box close back, just ordered for a cyber Monday sale and I could buy something else that cost the double... but don't know what could be a better pick.
  2. cossix
    I'd do some research and see what people think about the Magni 3 pairing with the 400i. Im not sure if that headphone is amp picky
  3. Jerda
    Thx I know the magni is a good pairing, but as it's written in the title I am searching a PORTABLE amp
  4. Jerda
  5. Dulalala
    Unless you have some balanced cables, I would return that Fiio Q1 Mk2 and get the original instead. The Mk 2 has a much weaker single ended output than its predecessor. If you want just an amp, the Fiio A5 is a good choice and if you want a non-battery powered portable DAC/Amp, the Dragonfly Red is also a good pick.
  6. Jerda
    Yeah I considered to return the fiio cause I would end up spending like 80€ for the cable (and I have spent 100 for the ampdac and 190for hp)

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