Sub-$120 Headphones?
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Sep 10, 2007
I need some new closed headphones to be used solely for gaming, as I am now in a noisy environment and my AKG's don't do the job of keeping out sound too well. I've only got $120 without taxes/shipping included to spare right now, and since I've got the AKG's for music I just need these for gaming. What closed headphones would you recommend?
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I use panasonic HTX7's for gaming, cause i can wear them forever and the isolation is actually really good. they are not too much money either. the driver is pretty big too so those explosions really rumble!

to be honest, i'm a HTX7 fan, overall (I rock the light brown aka early-computer/puke-tan color).
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I just realised the AT ATH-A700's are only $125 on Amazon I didn't realise I could get them that cheap.

Are there better headphones in this price range or should I just grab the A700's?

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