Sub $100 UE-700 IEM replacement
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Jul 22, 2014
New to the fourm here! Use the website for advice but need some more personal.

I had the UE-700 and they were great, the jack broke and sent them in-was easy and got a brand new pair. gotta say the first generation was better. After the Logitech takeover they weren't as great, sounded the same but quality was different. Anyways the jack broke on them again (wasnt as shielded as the first pair) and i wasout of warranty so i couldn't get them fixed.

Been sing my Sony MDR-EX75. Not great but has lasted a long time. the case of the left ear splits sometimes and ill have to superglue it back together. Finally ready to get a new pair of IEM. the price of paying to fix them isn't really worth it...right?
Can't quite decide between the JVC HA-FXT90 or the Shure SE215

Really like the dual drivers of the JVC, I listen mostly to rock music, so the high treble of the 700's was great. but the Shure has the removable cable...which i know the problems with a fixed cable. Any suggestions? thanks
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I just got into IEM's and I bought some Shure 215's after I read they were highly recommended on Headfonia. I was very impressed. I haven't heard the JVC's you mention but the Shure's sounded very good for the money and they actually convinced me to switch from full size cans to IEM's for my listening at school and work. 
I did send them back and replace them with some Westone's, because the Shure's weren't as comfortable as I wanted. Had they fit I would've probably kept them. The removable cable is pretty cool but with IEM's it might not be a concern as far as storage goes since they're so small anyway. 
Longevity is another story and the Shure's might have that going for them over the JVC's, but they are a single driver IEM. Still, I loved the way they sounded and for just shy of $100 bucks I couldn't believe how lively music from The Black Keys sounded. 
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  Do the Shure's have a warranty at all? I couldnt see if they did or not. I've never really used a warranty except on earphones

Shure has one of the best, if not, THE BEST warranty service in the audio world. Even if you break them (just don't say that you did), they'll expedite you a replacement ASAP, usually within 1.5 weeks. My SE420 broke a few years back and was still under their 2 year warranty, and they sent me back a BNIB SE425 within a week. 
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Other recommendation: Reshell the UE700's. They're great headphones (especially when they were on amazon for $75 closeout), except for some sibilance on the high end. It'll cost about $110 + audiologist fee to reshell, which is the equivalent of buying a new IEM. And now you got custom IEM's with detachable cables! 


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