Studying: T51i versus QC 25
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Oct 26, 2013
Hey everyone. I'm a college student who tends to get bothered by the ambient noises of a campus. I like to listen to my own music over the noises.
I already have Amperiors which work great for when I'm on-the-move, but I'm now looking for headphones for when I'm sitting and studying, and I've narrowed down to these two: T51i and QC 25.
I mainly want to block sound, so the QC 25 would seem obvious at first. However, I've scoured the internet and have heard a whole range of things about the 25's noise canceling abilities, from:
- It blocks almost all noise
- It does not block talking at all
- It sort of blocks talking, making it muffled but still audible
- It silences low "hum" noises, making talking even MORE audible and distracting
I've heard great things about the T51i and that it has excellent passive isolation, especially when music is turned on. One reviewer even said people in a cafe had to wave in his face to get his attention with them on. The other benefit is that it seems from most reviews that the T51i will have the far superior sound.
I'm stuck. Get the superior sound and strong passive isolation, or get the device that is designed to block sound, but may or may not stop talking?
If it influences the decision any, my study music is mainly:
Ambient (ex.
Classical (ex.
Dark Ambient (ex.

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