Studio SIX tube headphone amplifier

Discussion in 'ALO Audio Premier Sponsor Forum' started by kb, Feb 7, 2013.
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    We are getting very close to launching ALO Audio's own flagship Headphone amp and are very excited. Please visit our website devoted to the ST6 amp

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  2. driver 8
    Information of some sort would make that page more worthwhile.
  3. KB Contributor
    patience please
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  4. yogi1ab
  5. zigy626
    I would think if you are charging almost $5000 for the amplifier you could throw in the teflon-foil capacitors in for free instead of charging $200. I was thinking of buying but now have changed my mind $5200 is just too much over my budget. And I want the best for my $5000.
  6. zigy626
  7. KB Contributor
    I don't want to go into details on our cost of the Studio Six but trust me we are not being greedy with the price of the amp. I hear you though on your budget and can totally understand where you are coming from. 
    Anyone at Head-fi can buy a UPGRADED Studio Six, when you check out use this coupon code to get your Teflon Caps for free "HEADFI-ST6". This will take your $5100 down to $4900. Please note that this will be a limited time head-fi speak easy promo code, please if anyone is on the fence now is a good time for taking advantage of this. 
    Again thank you for your post.
    Ken and the crew at ALO
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  8. zigy626
    Wow now that is a response I never expected from any company. Actually this is the first time I have seen a commercial enterprise do something so generous for its customers. Well maybe once or twice I have experienced the same kind of service from Apple. But I have to be honest here, I was being a bit tongue and cheek when I made the above comment. I have my headphone gear in order for a couple of years, as I acquired most of it a couple of months back. But if I need anything in the future I would most certainly not forget ALO audio. And for other people who are dying to get this wonderful amp I sure now is the best time. Thanks again for your reply. 

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