stuck between sony x series, j3 and s:flo2
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Apr 15, 2010
currently im using a clip+ with an alo rx and some old shure iems or my hfi-780, i will be buying either dba-02 or ck10  iems to use with my setup im just stuck between a portable source now and im not sure which, i dont really listen to flacs but i wouldnt mind having the option open, and i only listen to edm.  ive read numerous pages with all and leaning towards the s:flo because of price and the line out but really they all seem like great players so im stuck
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If your primary focus is on sound quality and you're on a budget it's hard to overlook the s:flo2. If you can live with the UI, possible problems with the computer you use and "short" battery life then I say go for it!
If you want a DAP that doesn't make compromises and you can afford it go for the J3. It really is a fantastic polished player.
It's also worth noting that your ALO Rx would pair very well with the s:flo2. I suggest you seriously consider the player.
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Well, I owned the J3, the SF2 and the Sony X. Returned the J3 and sold the X and the SF2. Know what I have now? A 64GB Touch 3G, with a good LOD and the iBasso T3. I find the Touch SQ just as good as the three aforementioned DAPs (at least good enough). I did get the Touch for $275, a very good price. While I liked the J3 just fine, $300 for a 32GB player ($340 with a 16GB card, making it 46GB) was a bit too high a price. Same with the Sony X. I paid $269 for it, but while the SQ was very good, no expansion and the browser sucked.
So I revisited the Touch, and I am glad I did with the new iOS4.
I also picked up an open box 16GB ZuneHD for $133, but haven't listened much yet (came today).
As for the SF2, no doubt with the Rx and a good mini to mini, excellent SQ. But as noted, lousy battery life and the UI, while not horrible, ain't much fun either.
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As for the SF2, no doubt with the Rx and a good mini to mini, excellent SQ. But as noted, lousy battery life and the UI, while not horrible, ain't much fun either.

Where are people getting the short, high quality mini-mini cables?  Particularly any 90 degree ones.  Was gonna make some but I'd rather save the time and effort if I can buy a decent one.
Sorry to derail.
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I'd go for the X.
I had Samsung p3, ipod touch 2G and 3G, Cowon S9 and D2 and the X1050. Unamped and imho the X1050 is by far the most engaging, lively sounding player of the ones mentioned. Plus the interface is good enough; not exactly on par with the touch, but the sound more than makes up for that. The P3's interface was so annoying, it was more than unacceptable. I use my Sony with Sennheiser Mx760, Fischer Audio Eterna V1 and AKG K24P and they all sound very nice. Not one player has made me feel the music like the X does. You really rock out with your tunes. The only downside is the shiddy browser and hiss which, however, becomes unperceivable once music is playing.
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I have got the sony x and ipod touch 3g i like both, the sony x  is really good sound wise ..the ipod is just as good especially with the IOS4, it has a better UI in my opinion ... if you want good sound quality go for the sony x...but bang for buck it has to be ipod touch...
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There was a new A Series Walkman announced for the rest of us, and it's 64gb!!! It's gonna hit the EU, which should mean North America should get it as well,....
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I hope they fix the annoying clicking sound that I've head about on the A series as that would be great to get the X series with more capacity and without the touchscreen ui that nobody seems to enjoy all that much.
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My $0.02:
Sony X Series:

Decent Sound Quality (through HO, worst of 3, IMO)
Very Polished UI
Supports Uncompressed Lossless (WAV)
Line Out Dock Available
Doesn't Support Compressed Lossless (ALAC, FLAC, etc.)
Unpolished Browser
No Expandable Memory Slot
LOD is expensive
Cowon J3
Decent UI (better than S:Flo 2, worse than Sony X)
Great Sound Quality (better than Sony X, worse than S:Flo 2, IMO)
Supports Wide Range of Formats (wav, FLAC, etc.)
Legendary Battery Life (over 60 hours audio)
Expandable Memory Slot
No Line Out

S:Flo 2
Best Sound Quality
Line Out (just use a mini to mini)
Expandable Memory Slot
Supports Wide Range of Formats (WAV, FLAC, etc.)
Battery Life (8-12 Hours)
Stable but annoying UI
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LoL Violinvirtuoso!  First time I've seen WAV referred to as uncompressed lossless.  


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