Strongest True Portable Amp+Dac
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Oct 27, 2010
  Looking to go into the portable from my current desktop setup. I tried doing some searching but alot of the information is somewhat old and i know a few new options have been released since last year. Looking for an amp+dac for iems but would like something strong enough to use at home as well with mid range full sized cans. HD650 would be the most power hungry of them. Price range around $400-500 need something fairly durable as ill be moving it back and forth from home/work as well as outdoor use. Looking for something re-chargable, battery life is less important. As long as its over 6 hours ill be happy, it will be plugged in 80% of the time.
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Jun 12, 2011
My first thought is my own leckerton UHA-6S mkii, it drives my Mad Dogs (moded T50rp) and my Beyer's DT880-250 Ohms fine enough, and works great with all my iems. I was looking for something up to US$ 400 (and considered up to US$ 500 too) at the time, and I was most pleased having spent less then US$ 300, not forgeting that the amp section competes (acording to some people) to the likes of RSA SR-71A, I can only say it's great.
Some people complain that the dac section is not that good, but i'm fine with it using as a pure amp from my sanza fuze + lod on the go, and as dac/amp on the work. Acording to many people in the 6S mkii thread, Centrance Dacport LX is a good pair for it, so for US$ 530 (US$ 280+250), you would have something that would be great. For the moment I'm more than pleased with my 6S mkii by itself, so if I were you, I would take a look there, since you have similar requirements ( hard but not horrible to drive cans + iems + portability) to those that I had.

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