Stores in Bay Area? (Grado?)
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Mar 26, 2008
Hey, just wondering if anyone knows of any audiophile stores, or stores of the like in the SF bay area that carry cans that I could try out. I'm particularly interested in the Grados.
I live in San Mateo, so the closer the better.

Thanks everyone!
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Harmony is great in SF, but the only brick and mortal I've seen the entire line at (including GS1K) was Audible Arts in Campbell (was just there this weekend).
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there's a store at "town and country village" shopping center in palo alto that has some grados, and rs2's. at least they used to. and the ra1 as well. but that was a couple years ago...

store's called The Audible Difference
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Just got back from Audible Arts. The owner is extremely helpful, and chill. It's a great spot to kick back and listen to some Grados. They have the iGrado, 60, 125, 325i, RS1, and GS1K. I also listened to the $90K speaker setup he had... it was quite nice.
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I didn't want to post in a new thread, so I'll just side rail this topic for a tiny bit.

Does anyone know any dealers in the LA area that hold AKG, AT, or Sennheiser cans for open listening trials?

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