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Stockholm (Sweden) Mini Meet - Interest Check

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  1. struts
    Hi folks,

    Unbelievably it is now coming up for 10 years since our inaugural Stockholm Mini-Meet. I for one haven't aged a bit. Anybody fancy a rematch?

    I am anticipating something in the same format as last time (see earlier thread linked above and post questions below) and around the same time of year (e.g. 14th-15th September?). I haven't spoken to Robert at Audio Concept yet but I am optimistic that he would be wiling to host and support in a similar way to last time. I also have a couple of ideas for some really interesting "dragplåstrar" but more on that if this takes off..

    I will tag the "alumni" from the last meet when I have more time but wanted to get this out there to judge how many people would be interested in (a) bringing rigs (how many?) or (b) just attending. Please post in this thread.

    Please spread the word and let's see if we can get this to critical mass!
  2. Anders Contributor
    Interested, but not completely sure I can come.
  3. struts
  4. Henmyr
    Hi! It's a great idea, but my family situation and location is very different compared to 10 years ago so I can probably not attend. If there is a meet and the stars align perfectly, than ... perhaps ... but can't count on it :/
  5. Dr No
    I am interested and hopefully I can attend! Very excited after last listen to Struts´s secret headphone-rig!!! Don't miss this one!!!
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