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Stockholm 2015 Mini Meet 9-10th September. Mark your calendars!

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  1. struts
    Hi Folks!
    Been a good while since we got together so it feels like it's time.  I have spoken to Robert at Audio Concept, who generously hosted our last meet in 2009 (was it really 6 years ago?) and he is happy to host again.  Everyone who was there last time will recognize what an enormous benefit this is.
    To understand the format please read the original thread from the 2009 meet here and the impressions thread here.  In the absence of information to the contrary please assume that the set-up will be the same.  I thought it would be nice to hold this on the anniversary of our inaugural meet.  Also, it gives everyone reasonable advance notice and has the additional benefit for me that I am around that weekend!  Consider these dates firm barring unforseen issues for Audio Concept.
    Please comment on the thread if you can attend (firm/provisional) and if so what cans and amps you would like to bring, this will help attract others to the event.  Also, feel free to post any questions here.  Most of all please SPREAD THE WORD with like-minded around Sweden and with our Nordic and Baltic neighbours.
    Look forward to meeting fellow sufferers, old and new, in September!
  2. snejk
    Sweet! Thanks for getting the ball rolling. I'll check the dates.
    struts likes this.
  3. Michael2200
    Il try and cut school one of those days... Will see how it turn out.
  4. struts
    Aja baja! Absolutely no skipping school!! Friday is mid-afternoon onwards and mostly set-up so people drop in as they are able. You'll have plenty of time to listen on Saturday :sunglasses:. Are you planning on bringing any gear?
  5. Michael2200
    Haha struts! If i get my Momentums on time i might bring them but I'm not in Sweden until late august. Also. my gear is nothing compared to the stuff most people have on headfi.
  6. struts
    Looking forward to hearing the Momentums, hopefully they'll be in in time for the meet!
    Here's what I'm looking to bring:
    Sennheiser Orpheus
    Stax Omega
    Lawton LA2000
    Sennheiser Orpheus
    Grace m902
    Weiss DAC202
    Meridian Explorer
    Maybe a Stax T1 if nobody else is bringing a better Stax amp..
    Looking forward to seeing what others are thinking of bringing...
  7. criticalJenn
    That actually does sound interesting - I'm not sure if we'll be free on those two days in specific, but me and the girlfriend would like to join in on one of the meetups sometime.
    Since I'm fairly new to all of this pretty expensive audio gear, I could only contribute a Sennheiser PC360 and ASUS Xonar U7 at the moment, but my AKG K712s should arrive until then, so that might just be something more interesting :p
    ..still not sure which amp or DAC to get for them yet, but we'll get that figured out eventually.
  8. criticalJenn
    K712s have arrived, now onto burning them in and continuously hunting for amps/DACs to pair with them I:
  9. snejk
    Hej Struts!
    Sorry for not being more involved in this, been a very busy time lately with a new job and a bunch of other stuff.. But one thing I managed to do was going to CanJam London! Good times. Don't know if this event (audio concept) is still on or not but I think I will be able to come by tomorrow after work and in such case I could at least bring my new ETHER headphones.
  10. struts

    So sorry folks!!  Last week I decided to postpone the meet due to the incredibly weak interest and just didn't get around to posting here.  Huge thanks to the small handful of people who took the trouble to respond and huge apologies to anyone who travelled over to Audio Concept yesterday only to be disappointed.
    But the simple fact is that one (or two or three) people do not a Mini Meet make.  We need a lot more interest, both from people wanting to show their rigs and those just wanting to listen, to make this happen.  Last time we had (if memory serves) about 10-15 people showing about 30 rigs and visitors who made the trip from as far afield as Malmö and Oslo.  WHERE ARE YOU GUYS????
    I still want to organize a meet, during the autumn if possible, but I can't do this on my own.  So let's start polling interest again and see what sort of support we really have and then decide a date.  Robert is still committed to supporting, but it still represents a lot of work for him and his staff, which is simply not justified for the benefit of only a couple of people.  List interest as a potential donor (what rigs) or potential listener in the thread below.
    Apologies once again, for any disappointment and especially for my exceptionally poor communication.
    Repent, reset, reboot.  Let's try again.
    PS @Michael2200, I feel especially bad for you.  If you'd like to come over to my place and listen to the Orpheus in the meantime drop me a PM.
  11. Michael2200
    Hi struts!
    Sorry i'v been inactive for a while but schools catching up to me!
    But no problem, as you say the interest was very low and it wouldn't have been worth it...
    Thx for the invite.
  12. struts
    Not a single response to my last post  [​IMG].  I have to say the level of interest in organizing a meet is distinctly underwhelming.
  13. snejk
    I'm still interested! But too much going on around me with work, small kids and their activities and trying to have a social life on top of that really doesn't gel well with the needed energy level to arrange a meet. I'll do my very best though to attend a meet and bring gear, as the previous meet was really great!
  14. Michael2200
    Ya im also getting busier. I think that we should abandon the plan for now and try again in like half a year. There might be more interest then... Btw i got B&O Form 2i's rather than momentums cause I found the for 500kr.
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