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Still looking for a replacement for Origen+ what about these??

  1. cmdrmcgarrett
    Bought the Topping D10/A30 stack and was not impressed.

    Could not get foobar to play nice @384/32.... once I went back to 192/32 it worked fine

    Sonic quality to me sounded tinnier and "thin" sounding.

    Plugged in my Origen+ back in and sound came back "alive' to me
    I have about $100 in Amazon credit I would like to use on a Dac/Amp

    I would like 768/32 , DSD512, MQA(not necessary but nice), RCA output ( to my receiver for me main speakers vs going thru onboard sound card. Replaceable OPAMP would be a big bonus for Burston V5 op amps later

    I know I am asking a lot.

    Would like to keep under $275 if possible

    Found a few possibilities:

    Cambridge Dac Magic 100
    Nano iDSD Black Label
    Aune X1S
    Topping DX3 Pro (hesitant on this due to above issues)

    Thank you all.

    P.S. Sorry to pester everyone on this issue.
  2. cmdrmcgarrett
    Well....... I eliminated the Cambridge since it is a dac only

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