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Stevie Ray Vaughan

  1. lebomb
    ..............digitally remastered "Little Wing" sounds amazing on the S4s.  I think Im a lil moist now.  LOL
  2. Painful Chafe
    If you want some more SRV nirvana, cuheck out Live At Montreax.
  3. QuantumXL
    LOL Moist? oh baby. lol. I like SRV through the 535s. Very clean and precise. Can never go wrong with SRV.
  4. lebomb
    I just purchased a 2cd set of SRVs greatest hits................. its amazing.  I highly recommend this to everyone.  The band is outstanding and to hear SRV kill that guitar is something else.
    May he soul rest in piece.  I havent heard a guitarist like him since he passed. 

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