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Steve Aoki - sounds best on what setup?

Discussion in 'Music' started by koolas, Oct 26, 2013.
  1. koolas
    This concrete video:


    The sound quality in it is amazingly good, and levels are low, so I set volume to 0dB or even up to +6db gain to get more juice!

    Currently I'm listening on RHA30. Tried Momentum, but didn't like it at all, on HD215 treble were missing. Next week I'll see how it sounds on AD, and off course I'll share.

    Here's the challenge - out of all your headphones, dacs and amp choose one such setup that you find rocks this video.
    So, what are your proposals?
  2. koolas
    I haven't updated this post for a log time, and I got my AlphaDogs for over a year now, so I thought I would add an update.

    I'd say this video is an example of a well recorded live trance music. The dynamic range is great :), unlike on YT videos from Tomorrowland :mad:

    This video sounds great without virtualization, but with it sounds even more realistic on headphones. There is enough bass on this video, so I think even bass heads would be satisfied listening to it without bass boost. Nevertheless with bass boosted there is a danger of this video sounding just epic :D

    I'm not a bass head, but I like to hear a lot of bass when music calls for it, and this video is a good example.

    Back to business, how does it sound on Alpha Dog headphones?

    The Alpha Dog headphones have a peak spanning 7.5 - 12kHz, and sound pretty flat all above 120Hz, but at louder volumes range 180 - 400Hz sounds stronger, and if you eq it down by -2.7dB Alpha Dog becomes more open headphone. The bass on Alpha Dogs is tight, fast, punchy, well textured, but you might want to boost it to hear it better. What is good Alpha Dog reacts to eq very well, and doesn't loose detail.

    My setup includes iFi iDSD and ALO Audio Pan Am on military grade Sylvania tubes from 1942. I have noticed that eq response highly depends on tubes I use, and for example with Mullards it's still great, but it's weaker with Telefunken tubes and very weak with Voskhods.

    When I ran Alpha Dogs powered directly from iDSD (no amp, no Pan Am) the eq of low frequencies does not seem to do much, and detail is slightly gone. My conclusion is that iDSD has not enough juce to power this power hungry orthos. When I add Pan An to the chain the difference is like you switched from Clio to Abarth. Loads of power, easy eq, detail in lows, detail in mids and detail in highs and no sibilance, but this all depends on tubes, thus I am so addicted to Sylvania.

    How does Aoki sound on Alpha Dog powered from iDSD + Pan Am + Sylvania?

    One word: AMAZING!

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