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Mar 21, 2009
I know it has been arounf for awhile so I don't know if it is still cool or too old for coolness...anyway I would love to see a sculpture or nice steampunk pic of something headphone relaed...anyone know of anything?

I just thought that tube amplifiers would fit in so nicely in the steampunk genre there may also be some DIY amps with a steampunk theme?
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Well i think tube amps are the very definition of steampunk and some already look rather steambunkish since steampunk is a mix of 50s tech + victorian tech.
But imho 30s-50s tech was still influenced by the past alot. Like jugendstil which produced these metal constructions which had foliage on em really nice

Anyways when I finish my Millet Hybrid it will be steampunk
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Do an image search on "Moth Audio" - they specialize in Victorian industrial design, very steampunk. I love it.
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I love the Moth Audio amps. Very Steampunk. I'd love to get one of those, or something similar.

How about Steampunk clip-ons?
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Yes, the Moth gear is gorgeous and absolutely worth picking up when you can find it. It took some searching to land the Si2A3, but it was completely worth it.

If you want to design your own gear, it really isn't all that difficult or expensive. Here's the latest project I'm piecing together:


This is going to be Kevin Gilmore's All Triode Electrostatic Amp. This is very rough here, so I'll explain what's going on. Those round things are old gauges I've picked up at junk shops and swapmeets. I'm going to take the gauges out and use my jigsaw to cut a round piece of aluminum to sit where the glass is. That'll turn them into small chassis enclosures. Same with the control-like thing at the front left. I'll cut a new face piece for that and use that for mounting the headphone jack. Everything is sitting on a piece of 1/2" thick aluminum plate I found on eBay. The amp section will go in the gauge with the tubes on it and the power supply will go into the gauge at the back. I'm going to use the jigsaw to trim up the aluminum plate to contour around the pieces - it won't be rectangular. I haven't decided how to cut it yet.

Everything will be stripped, sanded and then powdercoated with a black wrinkle finish. My favorite detail is that it's going to have exposed wiring. Instead of hiding the wires inside something, I'll heatshrink and Techflex the wires coming out of the transformer and run them into the power supply gauge. Similarly, the power will come out of that gauge in a shielded cable with Techflex and into the amp section gauge. It'll like the 1920s breadboard radios from Atwater Kent. Here's a photo of one so you know the look I'm going for:


I know this is just some parts thrown together, but I think it's going to turn out well. If you want to see more of the awesome old Atwater Kent radios, here is an online museum.

I still need to finish up my other amp:


I like Art Deco, too, and I stole the idea for the fins from an 1939 Hallicrafters radio I have. This one just needs to have holes drilled to hold the front and back plates on, then I'll drill holes for the tie points and get to soldering. For a finish, I'll sand it out and polish it by hand. It won't have the mirror polish you get from the pros, but an almost weathered, antique finish that I think will compliment it. I've had a hell of a time finding time to finish this - it's been almost done for six months and I've either been working or tied up every weekend. But I will finish it.
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Uncle Rick those are really great projects. I especially like the fins on the last piece. You definitly have to post photos of all your projects when they're finished.

I'm both a Steampunk and Art Deco fan but within certain aspects. I adore 1930s architecture like our Union Terminal building in downtown Cincinnati. It used to be the train station but was eventually saved from being demolished and turned into the Cincinnati Museum Center.

I can spend hours walking around and digging into every Art Deco corner but I usually get dragged out by my friends due to their boredom.
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Been a bit of a fan since I heard of it a year or so ago. Don't have anything except the theme on my blackberry.
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Hmm ... I dunno about that mouse. It might bite back!

Here's another steampunk headset ...

Check out the video on how to make'em ...
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Originally Posted by Gatto /img/forum/go_quote.gif
gross... what's the point of the skull?

Ivory couldn't be used.
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but why use that at all...? I donno, the concept of using a dead animal on a mouse just seems gross to me, and kinda pointless. I wouldn't want to touch skull all day while on my PC.
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I know this is a stupid question, but it's Friday, and I'm off work and tempted to recklessness: All of you fans of Steampunk have read William Gibson and Bruce Sterling's The Difference Engine?

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