Steampunk Millett Hybrid
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Quote: MUST post some pictures of that ipod...its beautiful.

Thanks very much! I did post a couble of pics in the portable rig section, but here some more:

Old pre Fiio photos

 Newer Post Fiio photos! My camera is not great...
I used a plastic 'diamond' from a Christmas cracker in a brass model boat porthole to act as an LED diffuser on the Fiio. I like your planed amber LED - Much more in keeping with the aesthetic than a blue one.  
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Here is the latest work I've done with the rear panel etching, It turned out pretty good...I gave some tube surrounds a shot too, still have to cut them out.



I love your etching work, beautifuly designed and executed! Wish I had done some of this myself. I cant wait to see this thing finished!
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cogsand gears, seriously...I'm thinking the same sorta thing about your ipod... I would love to do something like that to my phone

It was not that difficult. It was however very time consuming. Especially sourcing all the parts... And my lack of tools at the time. The majority of tools were on loan from my father in law.
It took me about 7 months including the LOD and moding the Fiio E5. I have no doubt you have the skill and the aesthetic eye to do something like this for a phone case - go for it man!
But, before that - finish off this amp and post some more picture dude!

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