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Oct 6, 2014
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Oct 6, 2014
The steam controller I ordered came in last night.

First impressions are, alright. Set up wasn't working at first but a quick plug with USB worked fine, now it runs wirelessly great.

There are still bugs, and some silly things here and there. But it's clearly a work in progress.

Using the right trigger as left click wasn't working at first I had to spam it just for it to work, a quick change and then change back of settings solved that issue for some reason.

For gaming. Not many games have full support quiet yet, so the controller is forced to simulate mouse and keyboard inputs vs x-inputs. Part of the problems lie with the fact that the pads are normal x-inputs, they are just a mouse emulation. A good amount of games even with x-input support won't see the stram controller as a controller. Just as a keyboard and mouse. And you SHOULD NOT use the track pads as analog sticks. You will have a bad time. Use them as a mouse input, and its great.

But for example of the problems, the analog stick that it does have. You can't simply just tell the game you have an analog stick the controller has to "press" wasd. But valve solved this nicely. With different settings. You can set it for 4 directions, 8 directions, full analog if the game supports it, and my favorite, simulated analog. If the game can't use the steam controllers analog stick, it will still press wasd, but it will pulse the keys differently depending where the stick is, very effectively simulated analog.

Track pads are fantastic. But to be clear, you want the best, use a keyboard and mouse. But when that is not availible, or you want to be a bit more comfortable, it really is a good solution. I can't put into words how much better then a normal stick controller. I choose the stem controller over a mouse when I'm just sitting back relaxed playing some Cities, or robocraft, or terraria with the girlie

The gyro for steering. It's alright, the only single issue I have is to get full lock, the controller needs to be 90 degrees. This obviously makes sense. Butif you go too far past 90 degrees, then you don't get full lock. Or if you tilt theo controller slightly forward while at 90 degrees you don't get full lock either. For sim racers that's alright, becuase you're not normally atfull lock, but for beamng or WreckFest, it causes problems. There may be a solution by adjusting the end points, but I haven't found it.

Over all I'm both excited and dissapointed with how amazing, and how bad the controller is respectively. There are games where I will choose the controller over a keyboard and mouse, but the forced Big Picture, and the early adopter bugs, aren't fun. But, like I said, this is early adopter whoas. We'll see where it ends up.

EDIT:Yep, there's an adjustment to set where the tilt ends for steering and what shape you want. For steeringI have it set slightly less then 90, and cross shape
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