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Shame on you!
Now I really want a grilled steak.
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Oh man, this is a very bad thread. A very, very bad thread. I'm still getting over the fact that BBQ grilling is illegal on an apartment balcony in Toronto, but the indoor grill has been holding up surprisingly nicely. I cook a pretty mean steak, so it's hurtin' not being able to throw down a little meat-fest for the gang every once in a while.

Personal favourite cuts (in order of succulence): Striploin, Ribeye, Top Sirloin, Tenderloin

Favourite method of cooking (in order of succulence): Over a smoldering wood-fire, over a charcoal grill, over a gas barbecue.

Eaten: Medium Rare to "Chicago Blue", depending on my mood and cut.

I keep things simple where quality meat is involved, so here are a few "recipes" for delicious beef...

Recipe 1: Cracked black pepper and seasalt to taste

Recipe 2: Rub cajun spice and let sit for 20 minutes. Grill.

Recipe 3: 1 bottle of beer (a hoppy pilsner is preferred), 50mL worcestershire and 3 cloves garlic, crushed but left whole. Marinate for 1 hour. Grill.

Brush 1/2tsp canola oil on the grill (NOT THE BEEF) to help searing without sticking. Olive oil has a nicer taste, but burns and splays at very low temperatures.

Finally, if in doubt, just go grab a shaker of Montreal Steak Spice and apply sparingly. Clubhouse is the brand I tend to stick with.
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Personally I like a good ribeye or a nice porterhouse. Season with some Montreal Steak seasoning and grill medium rare. As good as it gets.
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Alexander's overpriced and really not that good (I've had their kobe/porthouse/fillet). I haven't found a place that I like much yet.
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Originally Posted by Icarium /img/forum/go_quote.gif
I haven't found a place that I like much yet.

Right with you on that one. It's not that the steaks I've eaten have been bad... in fact, under most circumstances they've been excellent. But for varying degrees of quality and consistency, ranging in price from $25 and $75 per steak, it's hard to get too excited about a piece of meat when I can fix up a full 16 ounces of AAA Alberta beef that's just as good or better for $13 on my own grill.
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My favorite cuts of steak would also be Ribeye or Sirlion. If I grill it myself at home over a gas grill or charcoal grill with Kiawe wood coals, I would have it done medium rare with just some salt or garlic salt and pepper to taste.

At certain steakhouses that do offer it, I also like Ribeye that's been dry aged and prepared medium rare topped off with a little butter.
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When I grill ribeye at home, I generally use Worcestershire Sauce and Montreal Steak Seasoning.

I generally have never used steak sauces, unless I'm at a restaurant that has "cheap" meat. I have found a new love for a steak topping - crumbled blue cheese (or gorganzola) on top of a ribeye makes me moist.
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Oh god...I had steak yesterday...My uncle made it...but its not hard...salt and peper right before it goes on the grill..and have some smashed pepper corns with redwine and i forgot wut its called..but u add it to make gravy..white powder stuff?...add water to that too...and then u throw some pan cooked shalots in it?...w/ was hella good....I also make a mean flank steak...with just a store bought dry steak rub, and about a spoonfull a side of steak sauce....dianas over here..
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Anybody have a good porterhouse recipe for home cooking? I kind of messed up my last attempt, which came out too dry. Porterhouse doesn't seem to have as much marbling/fat as ribeye, and I've only had good porterhouse (aged) at a premium porterhouse specialty restaurants.
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Bone-in ribeye would be my typical choice, though I also do enjoy a good porterhouse and prime rib here and there. But here are some of the better steak experiences I've had:

BLT Prime (NYC) for the BLT Cut (bone-in double sirloin)
Peter Lugers (NYC) for Porterhouse
Lawry's (LA) for the Prime Rib
Metropolitan Grill (Seattle) for the Prime Top Sirloin
801 Steak and Chop (Des Moines) for the Bone-In Delmonico

Otherwise I find the Palm, Morton's, Capital Grill, Ruth's Chris, etc. chain steak houses to be passable.
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Texas Roadhouse is indeed amazing for the price. They get my vote. I always get the Sirloin, rare. Much tasty.

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