STAX SRM T1S tube / valve energiser
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Jan 6, 2004
Legendary tube energiser. Hard to find this model these days. It has the edge over the SRM T1 which only offers one set of inputs and no balanced option (and I have read the T1S has better internal wiring). The spare set of inputs come in very useful for switching between different sources and systems, so you don’t have to for example go through the potentially degrading switching and preamplification circuitry of another unit in the chain. Please note that this is also the offical UK 240 volt version.

Also in terms of connection are facilities for 3 sets of earspeakers (2 pro and one normal), and balanced inputs. There is also a pass through, by passing the volume control, to let you for example sit the energiser in between your CD player and amp or put in a tape loop.

There is an in-depth review at Stereophile magazine here

You can find further information on Stax’s own site here

The SRMT1S is, despite the presence of the 007, still Ken Kessler’s favourite energiser. But don’t let that put you off!

In terms of condition, it is as near as dammit mint. There are one or two near invisible, tiny scuffs along the casing but you’d have to go looking for them. The face is perfect. It comes with a mains lead, the original instruction manual and original packaging.

£499 including shipping within UK.

Please contact me for hi-res photos and further details.



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