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Stax SR-L700 + SRM-353X

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by treebug, Mar 6, 2016.
  1. treebug
    Anyone using this combo? Would be interested in impressions.
  2. audiobean
    No one? I'll have an idea how they do with the 252s and 600 limited in a few weeks if anyone is interested.

  3. sheeshon
    Will be very interested with that review audiobean
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  4. TypodCrowd
    Any chance you posted your impressions? I'm approaching a similar set up.
  5. Zoide
    How did they sound? Thanks
  6. Blackmore
    L700 are good match with SRM-600 Limited. It uses ECC99 tubes, which according to Stax gurus better tube overal.
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  7. sheeshon
    The L700 with the 252s was not that great. There was an immediate increase in overall sound quality when plugged into the 323s. It sounded like a veil was lifted from the music, and it was also nice to have more voltage on tap when needed.

    Let me know if you have questions as I compared the 252s and 323s side by side with a friend and alone using the L300 and L700 against each other. If you are keeping the 252s, the L300 sounds better than the L700. The 323s does make both headphones sound better and more clear, but the overall musical experience/comfort/transparency of the L700 was preferred over the L300 which was more analytical and prominent details and pronounced treble. The 300 has slightly less bass than the other, but is honestly a bargain at its price whichever way you put it. If price is no an option, than the 700s may look much nicer. My suggestion is to start at least a 323s If you want to enjoy the L700s without wanting more. :wink:
    Last edited: Oct 22, 2018
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  8. Zoide
    Nice! I managed to score an SRM-323S in an auction yesterday :) By this weekend my L700 + 323S combo should be complete.
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  9. audiobean
    Hey sorry guys, after posting I forgot to subscribe to this thread and lost track of it but Ziode thanks for quoting me, got a notification to bring me back here. For what ever this is worth.

    I had ordered the L700 but my order was cancelled a couple weeks in then I jumped for the 007a after looking at impressions and such; I was going for my end game.
    Apparently, the 207 (which I have had for a while now) is a baby version of L700 (similar sound signature). I have heard the L700, which reminds me of the 207 but is a little more detailed and there was separation (headspace as well as instrument separation). But then again I did not have a large amount of time with them but in a nutshell they were more detailed without being fatiguing as some headphones which focus on detail can be. The 700 does what it aims to do right, if that makes sense.

    The 207 paired with the Srm-252 gets the job done and does it very well, it made me want to compare it to my HD 800 set up. Which was fun but still the HD 800 outclassed the Stax entry level system....which still was not far off and is a competitor against high-end dynamic set ups.
    Now, with the high voltage swing of the SRM-600 Limited along with the tubes, the 207 was very very good, possibly maxing it out. In comparison, the HD 800 had the separation and soundstage by far but detail felt better and more extended on my 207 paired with the srm-600. I preferred the stax for overall use tbh. The dynamics of the 207, in that set up, made the HD 800 more dry and not as interesting (even though I still enjoy the HD 800, electrostatic tech is just wow at what it does YMMV). The stax headphones scale up depending on the amp because of the voltage swing among other aspects of the amp. The srm-600 is an amazing amp, which will always be my favorite for the Lambda series. I agree that the 700 and the Srm-600 or something similar is/would be amazing.

    So imagine if the 207 + srm600 gave the HD 800 some competition, that should shed some light on how the 700s will perform. However, I did not A-B the HD 800 and L700. So take that for what it is worth. Also, I do not think the 700s are $1000 better than the 207s, unless you have the cash it definitely is lol (diminishing returns and such).

    If anyone was wondering, my current set up, the 007a & kgsshv carbon is just on a different level all together...glad I decided to save up but then again my tastes are mine and yours will vary.

    Hopefully this helps. Stax are impressive at all levels...enjoy your journey.
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  10. audiobean
    Wow thats gunna be a great pair, congrats! I am torn between getting a L700 or the Ether Flow in the future. For now I can only save up lol. Gotta catch em all!
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  11. zimou13
    I had a chance to listen the L700. I really want to thank Paul and the staff in public, simply the best place I ever been (and I've been in many places), no pressure just passion. The result is that I'm selling stuff to go the other side of the Force. Those headphones are very good, if you like huge soundstage, clear sound.... Tutuapp 9apps Showbox
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