Stax SR-L300 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by bloos, Jul 8, 2016.
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  1. hpeter
    i do not own hd800.
    but i am very confident in stax, that they will handle competition without troubles. :)
  2. imran27
    Sennheiser HD800 would be my choice. It has more body to the mids and soundstage is just great and improves your experience especially for classical, acoustic, orchestra, vocals, etc.

    Between the two, I would always pickup HD800.
  3. alfmoonspace
    Well, got my staxs today. Everything else might take a seat back for a bit...
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  4. nazrin313
    congrats, imho its amazing. Im enjoying it now as we speak. By the way, what are your early impressions?
  5. alfmoonspace
    Totally different experience than any traditional headphone I have used or have. I hear everything. All at once. Very, very similar to having a loudspeaker setup and not headphones. At first it was distracting but I am sure I will adapt to it.

    I am by no means going to throw away my other setups but come to the side of Stax was well worth it.
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  6. nazrin313
    guys, have you tried the L300 with better energizers like the 323s or 353x or better? If so, what does it improve if any
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  7. Doom0
    Limited version of L300 - SR-L300Limited: costs same as L500 , but has L700 driver (which shares technology from 009). Only 800 pieces will be made.

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  8. alfmoonspace
    very curious as well.
  9. Music Alchemist
  10. tigon_ridge
    That embossment is perfect aesthetics. :astonished: It makes the headphones look twice as expensive. You can never go wrong with gold on black.
  11. nazrin313
  12. mulveling Contributor
    That looks AWESOME. Possibly a great way to get some newbies addicted to Stax; too bad it's limited :frowning2:

    Amp is super limited, at only 300 units.
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  13. wuwhere Contributor
    So the SR-L300 Limited is an SR-L700 for an SR-L500 price?
  14. Music Alchemist
  15. masolski
    I was going through this thread for a good week or so. Finally my Stax 3100 system is here and I'm happy to share my initial impressions on this system. This is actually an upgrade of my HD600 which I was very happy about. I had a chance to give Audeze LCD-X a try for a few days also.

    I must say that I had quite high expectation after reading reviews (no, I didn't audition L300 before). What I'm extremely happy about is their weight. After spending all day with LCD-X (675grams) my neck was in pain for few days. Stax are almost the same weight as HD600 which I like.

    L300 are very airy and detailed. Love this part. This was my first impression on sound. Also seemd little bright at first but probably because of huge amount of details and air. Sound stage bit smaller than LCD-X but more precise and tidy. Luckily bass is not as overwhelming, it's just about right on most tracks, just sometimes doesn't go as deep as I like (I'd blame pads as I'm not getting right seal). Mids are my problem just a bit. I have a feeling that Audeze offered a bit more refined and structured mids. More rich. (I may be wrong, this may be also due to Audeze's warmness. I need some more time to come to final conclusion). But this was something I valued LCD-X the most and it's missing here a tiny bit.

    Build, is... hmm. Just ok. Nice, soft cable, quite poor headband plastic, bit better earspeaker plastic, very thin pads. My ear is touching the inside plastic (but surprisingly it's not as iritating as for other cans. I can handle 4-5 hours).

    I've seen many threads and videos about replacing pads from L500 but I'm not a huge fan of leather (natural or synthetic), I would rather get some velvet so I will try to DIY own pads. Plastic is ready, memory foam and few pieces of nice soft velvet I could get for 10 euros + basic sewing skills. If that doesn't work I will get L500 pads...

    This is just my impression. I'm not experienced but happy to own Stax system. :)
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