Stax SR-L300 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by bloos, Jul 8, 2016.
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  1. SonOfGaladriel
    Is the 252A much different than the 252S in terms of powering the L300's at moderate listening levels?
    What do think is a fair price for a 252A?
  2. Music Alchemist
  3. SonOfGaladriel
    Thank you for that link! That's a nice resource to refer to.
  4. Music Alchemist
    Bear in mind it's not entirely accurate / up to date. There's also this link:
  5. SonOfGaladriel
    This is my first foray into good headphones. My research has told me that Stax have the sound that I believe I am looking for.
    Being that I've never owned a good set of over ear headphones, never heard any Stax earspeakers on any amp/converter, would one assume that I would be quite happy with the L300's powered by the 252A? Rather than worrying about other options or more powerful amps? I've potentially found a good deal on a 252A. Ignorance is bliss right?
  6. Music Alchemist
    Being that I've owned/heard a good chunk of the high-end headphones out there (including many that cost four figures) and prefer the SR-L300, I'd say you're in for a good time. :alien:
  7. SonOfGaladriel
    Very Good! That's what I was hoping. Thank you!
  8. pichu
    Would the 353x amp be a better fit for the L300?
  9. tigon_ridge
    These guys have something to say about that.
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  10. SonOfGaladriel
    After several weeks of searching, I've finally got a 252S and some L300's coming later this week! I'm very excited to say the least!
    Just for fun, can you guys give me a good song list to initiate them with and to see what they can do?
    Recommendations for the first song?
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  11. Music Alchemist
  12. Karl2009
    Hi, I would like to know the opinion of all of you that have been able to compare the L300 with the Sens HD800.
    I listen mainly classical and female jazz. Which would you choose for it? Which are the differences between them?
  13. imran27
    In terms of detail and transparency L300 wins but Sennheiser HD800 is no slouch. It might have equal amount of details which are sometimes hard to comprehend due to the expansive diffused soundstage and you're listening in a non ideal noisy place.

    I own Beyerdynamic DT 1990 PRO and comparatively I didn't like L300 at all. Bass depth is absent, treble extension is also not satisfactory. And as usual soundstage is way too intimate but it is airy.

    I absolutely loved the L700 though. It has the best bass depth and presence I have heard in any headphone.

    Consider this too that L300 is a cheap headphone. In the SRS-3100 kit you pay for amp + headphone. But if you consider headphone price itself it's pretty cheap and then it sounds really worth the price. L500 and L700 are more in the premium category than L300 (obviously).

    At the price of the SRS-3100 kit you could get better results with a good dac/amp + dynamic/planar headphone.
  14. funkforfood
    L500 is a L300 with a better cable and headband.
    The drivers are the same, sonics wise, L500 is in the same league.
    With a better amp, L300 sounds really, really good.
  15. Music Alchemist
    I owned both and like the SR-L300 (or heck, any STAX) far more than the HD 800. It's more transparent, neutral, fast, clean, etc.

    Even with extensive EQ, the HD 800 just came off as overly tight, dry, and mechanical to me most of the time. In a figurative sense, it made wood sound like ceramic. Without EQ it was painfully bright and tinny at times. (Measurements support this.)

    If you more or less only listen to those two genres, you won't notice the HD 800's weaknesses as much. (I listen to just about every type of music.)

    For reference: I drove my own HD 800 from the Chord Mojo and someone else's HD 800 from the Simaudio MOON Neo 430HAD. (Also more briefly from the Sennheiser HDVD 800.) It sounded almost the same from the Mojo despite being more than eight times more affordable. And I drove the SR-L300 from the SRM-252S.

    I haven't been able to get sound even remotely as good as entry-level STAX with countless non-electrostatic headphone systems. (Even ones approaching five figures.)

    Tonal balance is kind of a moot point when EQ exists. But overall, STAX is already more neutral than just about anything else, so it's less difficult to equalize them properly.
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