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  1. glorkaglickflic
    I've had issues with the ear pads. The left one kept slipping to the side, exposing the tremendously tacky tape.  The right ear pad is not so bad because it stays in place.  I removed the left ear pad, and it was tremendously hard (don't ask) because of the tenacity of that tape, and replaced the tape with  3M9474LE (300LSE) double-sided tape.  Things were okay for a while, but that left ear pad started slipping again, exposing that super-super tacky tape again.
    I'd like to know if there is ANY alternative to the double-sided tape issue.  There are two new Lambdas (SR-L500 & SR-L700), and I don't know of the attachment mechanism of the ear pads to the ear speakers of these new Lambdas. I know that Stax is not offering replacement pads for these new Lambdas yet. 
    I'd appreciate it if anyone on this forum might know how these new Lambda ear pads are attached, and if these ear pads are not attached by glue to the ear speakers, could these ear pads be retrofitted to the SR 507.

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