Stax SR-404 -> Free to a good home (Giveaway)
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Jan 13, 2004
It is final!
I have gathered up all the valid entries (138 in total) and I am pleased to announce the winner!

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************************************************** ********************************

I have decided to part with my Stax SR-404, and give it away for free to a new caring and loving home.
With "free" I mean I will not charge anything for the headphone (obviously) and I will cover trackable shipping with insurance. Customs/taxes/excise (should there be any) upon delivery to the winner will be for your own account. The parcel will be declared "Gift" with a value of USD $300.

The SR-404 is in really nice condition, as hopefully shown in the pictures. I am the third owner, but sadly the box, manual, .. never made it my way. I will do my best to pack it properly though.
I expect the winner to have or acquire a suitable energizer/transformer to drive it, and share his/her impressions with us...

Open To:
All Head-Fi'ers world-wide with (1) a join date of August 2009 or earlier and (2) a post count of at least 50.
People who do not meet these criteria will not be allowed to apply.

How To Apply:
Post a reply to this thread with the following message; "Pick me!". Nothing more, nothing less, as posts that contain anything else than "Pick me!" will be eliminated from the draw. No PM entries will be entertained.

Entries close 24 hours from the time of this post. Whereupon I will gather up the entries, do the draw and announce the winner.
The winner will also be contacted by PM regarding the final shipping details.

Good luck to you all!


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Pick me!
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"Pick me!"
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May it be someone who knows their way with words. A new 404 impression thread sounds excellent!

I just couldn't enter the race myself since I know I wouldn't be the best home for such a pair.

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