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STAX SR-009S new flagship electrostatic earspeakers released (with impressions)

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by padam, Apr 20, 2018.
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  1. miko64
    there is sony to female usb adaptor, which works. use my d010 like this
    Hi try the curious cable it is ok
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  3. formyears
    nice. I used a more convoluted second sony dac I had lying around s2.jpg s1.jpg
  4. formyears
    very much enjoying STAX listening, after weeks of experimenting with the 009s and the d10.
    my music collection sounds alive, always clear. DVDA, PC,MAC, SONY hw and DSD on Tascam dvra1000hd
  5. purk Contributor

    You can use a combination of
    Sony WMC-NWH10
    and any USB to Micro cable to send digital signal to the SRM-D10.
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  6. formyears
    great. ordered. wow 40 bucks. thanks
    Using my sony portable dac/amp allowed me to use the Samsung FO output
  7. formyears
  8. formyears
    A7FE83BD-EAAE-4FF7-8429-D109C02C7245.jpeg pic showing FO port also usefull here
  9. formyears
    just received that cable. working well. thanks.
    more re-listening to my same songs, again and again.
    Last edited: Jan 27, 2019
  10. Blue Chip
    Hi, a newby to Stax world here!

    I have read the whole thread (and learned a lot, thank you to you all who contributed) but I didn't manage to get an answer to my question.

    Where does the 009s improve over Lambda 300 Limited? (audition is not really an option for me, since we dont have a dealer here). Why is it a worthy upgrade?

    Today I have L300LE which I drive with and OTL amp by Erik Konka called "Nebuchadnezzar" series No. 8" (you can find description on this link drop down menu http://www.konka.ee/) As a source, I have his Dual Mono Tube DAC Model 20 (did compare it to Chord Qutest but found his DAC to be more musical than Chord).
    Here is a picture of my humble setup right after unpacking https://photos.app.goo.gl/XackbiETmi4Rpr1Z8

    When I heard Stax first time I heard 007mk2 and L300LE in a shop via 727mkII and I liked the L300LE more as to my liking in that system 007 was too polite (and I'm sure a better amp like Carbon will fix this, but that was not available there).

    I read that some have said Lambdas are bright and lack bass slam. Will 009s be less bright and have more bass slam than L300LE (to be frank, i find plenty bass slam in my system with music that has it, clear L300LE doesn't have any authority below 50hz, but that can very rarely be heard anyway, i don't listen much to organ music)?
    What other benefits will 009s bring into play? Is 009s a considerably more revealing earspeaker than L300LE/L700?

    Upgraditis is a very infectious disease indeed :)
  11. Dupek75
    Hi. I would like to ask you ... I have Stax SRM-353X, so I would like to know...What is better choice for this amp 353X, please ? Stax SR009 or SR009s, please ? My email: dusanpetricek@gmail.com
    Regards, Dusan
  12. formyears
    Spent the last two months listening to the 009s via the stax D10 and it has been very pleasant and revealing.
    Still plan on investing in a proper amp but I don't expect the 009s' sound 'significantly' better after doubling my investment.
    I am expecting the low end to have more range (power) and hopefully the high end will soften (tube warmth).
    on that topic there is a lot of discussion herein. looking for more of that...
  13. buzzlulu
    Your 009S will become a new headphone once you move to a proper amp. Get a Carbon (what I have) or BHSE and then report back
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  14. formyears
    will do. not before august and after nyc canjam. thanks.
    been studying ISO 226:2003 to understand the volume spectral changes best.
    comparing the tones loudness with the stax behavior is my new audio obsession
    some light reading:
    Comparison of loudness calculation procedure results to equal loudness contours
    J Charbonneau
    Last edited: Feb 10, 2019
  15. Dan Lee
    Hi guys I am a new stax owner of the SR-L700s which I have found to be of a similar quality to some $3500 to $4000 cans. I want to upgrade to either the 009 or the 009S but cannot seem to find detailed comparison info. I sure there is something here in this forumn but when you type 009 into the search bar you seem to get a lot of 009S related stuff and very few comparisons.

    I need to know if any of you have heard all three or even if you have heard the 009 and 009S and can tell me of the 3 which do you prefer and why. I would also like to know which of these you consider to be the most detailed as I just truly wan a pair of cans that open my eyes to levels of detail that I did not ever think i would get to experience.

    Any help and or ino you can provide would be truly appriated.

    Dan Lee
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