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Stax SR-009: Best Headphone Ever Made? - Head-Fi TV, Episode 008

Discussion in 'Head-Fi Network & Industry News' started by jude, Jun 28, 2011.
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  1. arnaud Contributor
    Not all of us see this as pi**ing context, but you're always free to spend the money if such Orpheus 2 makes you feel too little with your 009! Need to start saving yesterday apparently but surely that will fill those in need of exclusivity ...
    As I said elsewhere, not sure Stax cares as much as we think in its current mode of operation. If battle there was, orthos have won it, and since quite some time ago...
  2. n3rdling
    Unlikely stax even knows what the abyss is. Also double check your diaphragm info as it's completely wrong.
  3. hentai
    just to share my experience using SR-009. Not only the amp,  the headphone is also very particular to the kind of source i use and the quality of cd recordings i listen to. Previously I was using Marantz KI Pearl  and couldn't' help but to feel that the mids were quite dry in some cd recordings.  Then i replaced the cdplayer to a Lector CDP  and the sound improved greatly, it became more musical and smoothing across all cds
  4. lamode
    These headphones seem wonderful. I wasn't at all tempted by the three boat-anchor amplifier choices Jude presented though. Surely there must be a decent solid state contender.
  5. shipus90
    Great review!!
  6. ToroFiestaSol
    Sorry for resurrect this thread, but I tried to post this in the amps forum, and in full size headphones too, but I was redirected to help and reccomendations due to my newbie status.
    So, I'll post it here, is the SPL Phonitor 2 a good amp for the Stax SR-009?? Here is the thread with the full details:
    Thanks and sorry for resurrect this old thread.
  7. Pokemonn
    Phonier can not drive Stax SR-009.
    Stax headphones requier high voltage electrostatic amplifier.
  8. ToroFiestaSol
    I know, but if you read the thread you will find this:
    BUT, also found that the Phonitor 2 is for ALL types of headphones, electrostatics included, here is the proof, scroll down to page 11, in the special features, the 3rd sentence:
    "• For all types of headphones – dynamic, balanced, electrostatic"
    I don't see the 5 pin connector on the Phonitor, so I suppose that one must buy something like a Woo Wee to drive an electrostatic headphone.
    So my main question is: Can the Phonitor 2 and a Woo Wee be a good match for the Stax SR-009?
  9. maverickronin
    It means that it's crossfeed processing is good for 'stats too, not that the amp can actually drive them.  You need to run it's line outs into an actual electrostatic amplifier, or into a speaker amp and then into a step up transformer like the Woo WEE.
  10. ToroFiestaSol
    Sorry but I dind't understand you well, my english is limited :frowning2:
    You mean that for drive an electrostatic headphone, I must use another headphone amp between the Phonitor 2 and the Woo Wee? Or only the Woo Wee with the Phonitor 2?
    Thanks for your answer
  11. maverickronin
    You will need speaker amp between the Phonitor 2 and the Woo WEE.
    The Woo WEE is an just an adapter that goes between a speaker amp and a Stax electrostatic headphone.  The Woo WEE is not an amplifier itself.  The Phonitor 2 will not be strong enough to power the Woo WEE.by itself either.
    The only reason to bother with the Phonitor is if you want it's crossfeed controls.  If you are not interested in Crossfeed and you don't already have a good speaker amp the you would be better off with just an electrostatic headphone amplifier such as the Woo GES or one of the Stax amplifiers.
  12. ToroFiestaSol
    Thank you very much!
    I ordered an AKG K812 today, that's why I asked for the Phonitor 2, they will be superb tools for my studio :)
    Asked for the Stax because for 3000€ (from pricejapan and with a Woo Wee) it's a reasonable future buy for me, but the speaker amp trumped my plans :frowning2:
    Thanks and have a nice day
  13. HiAudio
    I am looking at the SR-009 though I do not have current plan to buy it. I have two questions.
    1. Some bought it from PriceJapan. If you also buy amp SRM-007tA from them what power voltage is it? Can you set on the unit to work on 110v or you have to use a an adaptor?
    2. as I read the SR-009 cable is not user detachable, so what's the cable SRE-950S for?
  14. georgeaweezy
    I have a question about something that's been bugging me for months. I was just too lazy to signup on the forums prior.
    Is it normal for the SR-009 (or any electrostatic headphone for that matter) to pop while I'm eating or chewing with the headphones on? I would guess the SR-009 fit so well that they form a pressure lock, so any kind of chewing will cause the driver to pop in and out. Anyone can shed more light on this, am I damaging the headphones by eating with them on?
  15. Music Alchemist
    The link says 100 volts only. You would need a voltage transformer, modified power supply, or perhaps a polarity inverter to use it in your country.
    It's an extension cable.
    That's the notorious STAX fart! [​IMG]
    (No worries, it's normal.)
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