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Stax SR-009: Best Headphone Ever Made? - Head-Fi TV, Episode 008

Discussion in 'Head-Fi Network & Industry News' started by jude, Jun 28, 2011.
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  1. eric65
    Hi Hun7er.
    I'm happy for you for the success of your sale.
    If let me summarize again your appreciation of your three headphones High-End , have can say:
    The most comfortable is the HD-800 (the least being the Abyss)
    The most beautiful is the SR-009 (the least being the Abyss)
    The best, you don't know yet, at the stage of your preliminary comparative listens, except that now it would seem, for you, that the Abyss is the best for the quality of the bass, and that the HD800 and SR-009 (ex aequo?) are the best for the quality of the mid and the treble.
    I do not know the HD800 (I have only a HD-600), but your choice seems pretty logical to me.
    Good listens with your headphones. There are more than for you to tweak your system, starting with an amplifier that goes well with your selection. You will tell us news.
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  2. eric65
    Hi Arnaud.
    Strongly the arrival of your BHSE amp for your Stax SR-009 and SR-007mk1 so you can we give news and see the improvements obtained compared to your amplifier Stax SRM-727.

    You are probably visionary [​IMG] on this one by getting ,with the couple SR-009 / BHSE, one of the best platform of sound reproduction, in any case very technically successfully completed (long live the estats!) and very aesthetically.
    A highly desirable platform!
    As I read somewhere you will perhaps be one of the last to get a BHSE seen the growing difficulties for the constructor for currently (and in the future) to obtain all parts necessary for its construction, especially at the price proposed (NB: the equivalent of a such amplifier at Stax, isn't near to be produce, at less than multiply the price by a significant factor: x2 ?).

    The choice of the BHSE compared to other amps is not illogical if one refers to the grand comparison of amps directed by Tyll on Innerfidelity where the BHSE seems to stand out from the others amps. http://www.innerfidelity.com/content/listening-great-headphone-amplifiers-and-stax-sr-900

    About the Electra, at least with its original tubes, it seems quite disappointing for its price compared with SRM 727 (see our mini-review : http://www.head-fi.org/t/681814/amplifiers-shootout-for-stax-009-eddie-current-electra-audiovalve-rkv-wooaudio-wee-stax-srm727-srm007t2); there are better (BHSE), not to mention my current system: (RKV in direct mode).
    Has more. [​IMG]
  3. eric65
    Hun7er persist and sign in its choice of headphone.[​IMG]
    Next step: an Eddie Current amp (4-45 ?) for its HD-800 (for details and neutrality) and/or its Abyss (for fun), and then a BHSE (or KGBH) ? for its 009 (for neutrality and subtlety).
  4. Music Alchemist
    So... I had a dream last night of which I can only recall one eerie detail: there were dozens of SR-009s, all ripped and busted up. I was draping them over my arms, asking "Why would someone do this?" All those poor headphones, murdered in cold aluminum. It was like a crime scene, lol. What does it all mean?!
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  5. AnakChan Moderator
    It means you should probably log-off Head-Fi and check into a rehab.
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  6. Music Alchemist
    Well, I don't exactly control my dreams. I enjoyed reading your reviews, by the way.
  7. AnakChan Moderator
    It's the subconscious speaking to you there - Stax quietly whispering over your left shoulder, over your right shoulder :D.
    About the reviews, thx! But I do the simple portable stuff. Not confident enough in doing the high end stuff like the Stax.
  8. Music Alchemist
    Now that I think about it, this almost makes sense. I had made the decision to focus on building a more diverse planar magnetic system before adding electrostats to the equation...so the defiled SR-009s could have been a manifestation of my subconscious, as if beckoning to me, "Why have you forsaken us? Come to the STAX side. It is your destiny."
    I just saw your Siltech Duchess portable interconnect review a day or two ago and was wondering where you got them, since they don't seem to be readily available.
    Erm... Looks like I'll need to contact the person you got them from for a custom job.
  9. jackskelly
    The SR-009's built quality is very good. I think it could stand a good amount of punishment.
    I think it might be a sign for you to start protecting (i.e. trying) some STAX headphones. [​IMG]
    But seriously, on another note, the first time my brother listened to my SR-009's, I told him to be sure not to drop them (and he didn't, knock(ed) on wood), but said they look like they could withstand a lot of punishment and still work fine. He imagined that STAX must have a room where they throw their headphones against the wall and all around the room trying to break them to make sure they can withstand a lot of punishment. I told him that was a pretty far-fetched idea, but who knows? [​IMG] 
    The thought of purposely trying to break any STAX headphone (or any good headphone) is a sad one to me. 
  10. Jonathan66100
    They certainly do the "crash" test , but with detached parts :)
  11. Music Alchemist

    Oh yeah, the build quality is undoubtedly superb...except for the headband. I've heard stories about it snapping a little too easily. I would also prefer if there was a way to prevent it from sticking out so high above your head. For such a serious headphone, it makes it look silly. At least one person had a custom one made. I may go down that route when the time comes.
  12. jackskelly
    The STAX SR-009 is the http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ludwig_van_Beethoven Of headphones.
  13. Music Alchemist
    Can't argue with you there!
  14. francopro
    Great review Jude [​IMG]
  15. eric65
    The competition is good, it is often a source of emulation.
    How will now react Stax after the release of the Abyss (a serious, barely more expensive competitor) and especially after the (hypothetical) release of a Sennheiser Orpheus-II system (for 2015?).
    In its time, the Stax Omega system (omega + SRM T2 amp) (released in 1994) replied at system Sennheiser Orpheus (launched in 1991).
    The latest generations of electrostatic headphones having finer (and lighter) membranes (as SR-009) are easier to drive and less demanding amplification than previous generations (as SR Omega and SR 007 mk1).
    In 2015, Sennheiser will you it produce us a electrostatic headphones of new generation with membranes ultra fine (and light) and with a "light" amplification, or so remain in the "heavy" (for the membrane, the amplifier and the price) ?
    How Stax react later: back to heavy or stay at light, with a future SR-011?
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