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Stax SR-009: Best Headphone Ever Made? - Head-Fi TV, Episode 008

Discussion in 'Head-Fi Network & Industry News' started by jude, Jun 28, 2011.
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  1. Hun7er
    Arnaud and Eric65 : I owned a Stax SR007MKI and I don't find the Abyss very similar, it is most similar to the HD800.
  2. eric65
    Pierre does not have the same opinion concerning the HD-800 vs Abyss ...
    Furthermore, the human factor must also be taken in account, because some people find the Abyss with a dull (matte) tone compared to the sound of 009, while others find the opposite, ie the Abyss bright compared with the 009.
    The problem is probably the same between the Abyss and the HD-800.
    Besides it remains to define at what frequency (registry) a headphone is considered matte or bright: high-mids (2-5 KHz), treble (5-10 KHz) or extreme treble (10-16 KHz) ?
    For example, the SR-007mk2 is rather dull (matte) in the high mids and treble, and bright in the extreme treble.
    The 009 is a hair bright in the high-mids, neutral in the treble, and somewhat dull (matte) in extreme treble.
    Not simple, all that [​IMG]
  3. Hun7er
    @eric65 : Pierre cannot be trusted anymore. In my system the HD800 has a bit more air on the treble. Abyss doesn't soften the edge as the SR007. But to finish my comparison I would test the HD800 and the Abyss on another amplifier.
  4. eric65
    @ Hun7er
    Take your time to compare your 3 headphones (009, Abyss and HD-800) specifying subsequently amplifiers (and source) used.
    Good evening and good listens.
  5. eric65
    To return to the Stax headphones and at the SR-009 in particular, the most amazing feature that I find with the Stax SR-009 is this ability to spark (create) the sound of nowhere in our head, as suspended, in levitating, between our ears, and not just to simply reproduce it with more or less fidelity. 
    I find this quite magical ability.
     I do not found it in my headphones Sennheiser HD-600 (used yet with same amplifier RKV than the 009) and do not know if this extraordinary ability of create the sound of nowhere is specific to the Stax headphones (and the estat), or if it is found also in other headphones.
  6. eric65
    You who have the chance to own both, the Abyss, the HD-800 and the SR-009 headphone, how would you rank, honestly, the wearing comfort of these 3 headphones, both on the duration, the adaptability to the size of your head, and freedom of movement of the head (i.e. the possibility to tilt the head forward in back without risk of misalignment of headphones).
    Like DavidMahler (cf :The Battle of the Flagship: http://www.head-fi.org/t/634201/battle-of-the-flagships-58-headphones-compared-update-audeze-lcd-2-revision-2-6-4-13) how would you rank these 3 headphones in quality (ORDER OF SOUND QUALITY and PRESENTATION) and quality-price ratio (ORDER OF VALUE: rating A+ to D).
    Thanks for your opinion.
  7. eric65
    Hun7er, perhaps you may have no official opinion on Head-Fi concerning the wearing comfort of head of your three high-end headphones (HD-800, Abyss and SR-009), perhaps you preserve the future if need to resell here one of these headphones [​IMG].
    For my part, in looking for a bit, I found one of your speeches on another forum or you talk to us a little of the Abyss and its comfort: I cites (translated into English):
    " Finally received Abyss on the ears.

    First start he y' 4 hours I found it bad. I left 2 hours time to eat and that electronic reach their optimal temperature.
    Ah that's better.
    I thought I would be eligible for an enhanced HE6 Hifiman. In fact not is rather the HD800 improved, and it is so much the better.

    Then point the improvements:
    -a deeper sound image
    -thicker sound
    -a little duller
    -more solid on all the bandwidth
    -impact on the bass
    -a few more audible details.

    Please note this is not the day and night, the difference means but I could very well continue listening to my HD800. Now I'll leave him the time to run in as was the case for the HD800.

    At the level of comfort, unfortunately the HD800 is much better. The Abyss weighs his weight and we need to find the correct position to be at ease, especially with glasses
    Pity that we couldn't fit it in height, It will be necessary put the foam to move it up.

    Frankly the HD800 doesn't have to blush in the light of the price differential between the 2, especially in France. The HD800 with a very good source and a very good amplification remains an excellent headphone.
    Now I await receipt of Stax SR009 hoping that it is close to the abyss but with a better comfort, one can always dream. "
    " Now I have a technique to make it comfortable, is passed the elastic headband underneath to raise the headphone. At the beginning it was a real torture to wear but once you have find the right trim, you can spend hours. "
    P.S. Concerning the wearing comfort on head of the SR-009  I can assure you, it is excellent (whatever the size of the head; my 8-year-old son wear it  without problem, my wife also (little head) and me same (big head)) [​IMG] 
  8. Hun7er
    Hello Eric65,
    Regarding the Abyss confort I have found my setting and I can wear it for hour and hour without feel his weight. It was one of my first review and need more time to manage it.
  9. HeadphoneAddict Contributor
    The Sennheiser HE-60 stats also can do this (HE-60 a little more than HD800 which can come close).  I've described it as "etherial" sounding. The SR-009 improve upon the HE-60 with a warmer and fuller sound signature, although slightly more forward in the mids.
    Currawong likes this.
  10. Hun7er
    HE60 was one of my preferred headphone though I prefer the HD800 as it as better bass and imaging.
  11. eric65
    HeadphoneAddict, thank you for your intervention.
    I personally don't know the HE-60 (or even the HD-800), but I never get tired of listening to my SR-009 (on the RKV amp in direct); In addition to this specific to the e-stat enough magical sound signature that some describe as Ethereal, but in the magical meaning of the term (sound coming from nowhere), I have always charmed and touched by listening yesterday evening the "dances of Davidsbündler" at Piano of Schumann. 

    The piano is really beautiful with a readability of the game, clarity and a rendering of the reverberations of the strings of the piano extraordinary .
    It does not jump to the eyes (uh pardon to the ears) immediately, but once the ears are in phase with the headphones to perceive all these subtleties and nuances, there is only the concert hall with a very good (as close as possible of the piano) place to enjoy as much the music.
  12. Hun7er
    Hello everybody,
    I receive the Stax SR 009 and listen it for 2 hours so it is my first impression about it.
    Firstly I use it with the WEE and the system on my signature.
    The imaging is more extended than I thought so it's a very positive point. But I think than my system it's not optimal on the soundstage, I will try soon a more conventionnal rig. 
    It has better details retrieval and nuance than HD800 and Abyss.
    I find it brighter and drier than the HD800 and Abyss. It has slam than others.
    I don't find it more effortless or liquid.
    There is my first impressions and need to confirm with fast swap between them.
  13. eric65
    Hello Hun7er,
    Unless this is the Abyss who is a little dark in the upper-mid/treble? [​IMG]
    The width of the soundstage of the 009 is not ridiculous; It is very well proportioned and pleasing.
    Otherwise, if you found that SR-009 with the Wee (with its transformers) allows a better extraction of the detaills and nuances that the Abyss (and HD-800), you can expect to a slap in the face when you will use an amplifier powerful as the BHSE (or an RKV amp in OTL direct mode ; with the Wee transformers shunted) : you will gain still greater extraction of details and nuances, with even greater reverberations, echoes and presence ...
  14. eric65
    When in the bass of the 009, it is far from ridiculous also. It is quite dependent on the amplifier (which must be powerful); The Wee transformers makes it less precise and more colorful http://www.head-fi.org/t/504489/woo-audio-electrostatic-energizer-new-product-from-woo-audio/75#post_10299803. The very low coloration and distortion of the bass with the 009 sometimes gives a feeling of clarity and lack of bass; This is evident when I compare the 009 bass with my speakers. The speed and the readability of the bass of the 009 remains exceptional (with a good amplifier, if possible without transformers).
  15. Hun7er
    eric65 : I'm a little worried about the BHSE with the SR009 that it gives too analytical sound. I prefer a more euphonic sound.
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