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Stax SR-009: Best Headphone Ever Made? - Head-Fi TV, Episode 008

Discussion in 'Head-Fi Network & Industry News' started by jude, Jun 28, 2011.
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  1. Jonathan66100
    Eric :) 
    Thank for my avatar, even if it is not too topicality : ) 
    Arnaud is also very loyal : ) 
    You not, with your Wee [​IMG] :p
    Me, I will definitely continue my madness with a DAC X1T, as soon as the opportunity presents itself :p

  2. eric65
    It is true, the RKV amp + Wee (used only for the Wee, to generate the bias voltage 580 Volts DC for the SR-009) is an infidelity to Stax. 

    It was initially a choice to wait pending the future amplifier output Stax 'T2 like' that I would have bought eyes closed for my 009; However, I have a little fear of having to wait very long before the release of this hypothetical Stax amplifier very high end.

     In the meantime, after comparison, I do not regret this passage from the 727 at the RKV (in direct use), but at the price of listening limited level under 100 dB SPL, which is, in practice, beneficial for my old ears.[​IMG] 
  3. eric65
    Hi Arnaud,
    Well, in the end, Arnaud,  what amp do you think buy when replacing, one day, of your trusty Stax SRM-727 amp for your Stax headphone SR-009 and 007-mk1 ? 
    Do you think acquire a BHSE or an Electra (with tubes that go well with)? or so remain "loyal" to Stax, and wait, pending the release of an very high-end (hypothetical) Stax 'T2 like' amp ?
  4. Jonathan66100
    And you Eric : )
    I have no doubt of RKV, but considering you ?, for example, moving to a tube amp as the 007TII? 
    I know he was much maligned, yet I prefer, for example, widely my SRMT1 to my SRM1 MK2 PRO who have the coast.
  5. eric65
    Hi Jonathan,
    I don't have a good impression, both subjective and objective, of the Stax SRM-007 T2 amp used with the Stax SR-009 headphone. 
    This Stax amplifier tubes, although very fine and defined, missing for me of life and dynamism. 

    I prefer  clearly the SRM-727 II amp (more dynamic), and even more the RKV amp, especially in direct mode for the latter, without the Wee transformers connected  (because less colorful, more transparent, and even more dynamic) with a presence, an transparence and an incredible life.
  6. Jonathan66100
    And try another tube amp, does not tempt you ?
  7. eric65
    For my 009, if Stax does not come out someday a 'T2 like' amp (probably with tubes), maybe I interested me one day on a BHSE with tubes Psvane EL34PH (fashionable currently [​IMG]), although my current system (with tubes), with RKV amp in direct mode OTL, agrees me very well (apart from this limitation of amplification gain, sometimes (but rarely) embarrassing for some old CD recorded with a low level).
  8. Jonathan66100
    It's look great, by against deadlines are super long: /
  9. eric65
    It's true, this is a nice amp (just like the headphone Stax SR-009); aesthetically speaking, the two go well together.
    Ali Pacha dream it [​IMG] ; the advantage of long time order, is that it leaves enough time to make the necessary savings to pay the balance of the order at the time of delivery.
    zachchen1996 likes this.
  10. Jonathan66100
    In my opinion I think it is as good as beautiful !
    009 and BHSE almost makes me forget my quest for omega and T2 :)
  11. eric65
    Pity that it was not a BHSE amp during the meeting of headphones of Paris this March 15, because it does not appear to have been at the feast the 009 of Pierre with its 727 amp compared to the competition......[​IMG]
    I had however warned Arnaud of my fears concerning selected amplifiers...
  12. DigitalGrounder
  13. Jonathan66100
    The 727 is really not bad : ) 
    The amps who make really thanks to 009 are not European, so he does not meet the standards of Europe, so it's hard, to see banned for a proffessional to propose on the french market or in an official meeting : )
  14. eric65
    Only at low sound volume (with the headphone Stax SR-009 more demanding in amplification than the headphones Stax Lambda).
    The RKV, the Electra, and probably also the BHSE and T2 amp are better.
  15. eric65
    This is true.
    What we can apparently conclude about this meeting of headphone in Paris from March 15, it is the Abyss with the AudioValve RKV mK3 amplifier seems to have been most appreciated that the Stax headphone SR-009 with the amplifier Stax SRM-727, in direct comparison.
    One nuance however, Igor (sound engineer) present at this meeting, although he preferred the Abyss to the Stax, noted an treble a little indented (attenuated) from the Abyss compared with the Stax and its reference system based on his studio speakers (ultra equalized) which deformed a little the tone (timbre) of violin (not perfectly respected). The strong point of the Abyss for him being the (spectacular) spatialization and the depth of its bass.
    PS: In my opinion, Igor, as sound engineer, will keep his headphone Stax SR-202 for his nomadic sound records for a solid reason, is that it is (Stax SR-202) 15 times less expensive than the Abyss... (and surely much more convenient to use on the ground [​IMG])
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