Stax HP + amp unit system: Stax SR-507 + stand + cover + LNS headband + Transistor-amp v3 - both Mint - Sydney Australia or WWide
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Jun 8, 2009
*cough existential HP crisis, cough*

Both my IEMs and work setup are a lot brighter than my SR-507 + Transistor-Amp v3. Every time I listen to my electrostatic setup,it sounds fantastic, but at the same time - very very neutral (a less bassy and physically heavy version of LCD-2/HE-6 type HP with slightly more mids and better details across the FR).
Problem is - I want brighter mids, simply because I use the work and on-the-go setups 3-4 times more than the home one, so I can never properly adapt to the less bright sound of the home estat one.

So FS as a set are (I'd really prefer to sell this or trade this locally as a set... International shipping is murder):

a) The SR-507 nearly BNIB (used for about 50h). Comes with the org box.
b) A extra Stax LNS headband arc assembly (303/404/LNS style). This is in case the new SR-507 type annoys you (it annoys me, but maybe you'll find the new type more comfortable).
c) Stax HPS-2 wooden headphone stand with protective dust cover
d) Transistoramp v3 electrostatic amp - built by Peter Rill who's quite widely known in the German head-fi community equivalent (400v power section, max output of 500v, XLR in, normal and pro bias out, DECT vol knob, nice 1cm engraved front panel, good parts inside) reportedly about as good or better than KGSS. Same case as just less inputs and outputs . Should drive the omegas without any problems according to German head-fiers :D .
You can have a read about the amp in and (rille2 is Peter Rill aka ....Normally he has 3-6 months build queues for the amp ). There's also a member here who owns the same amp as me and had heard omegas with it. You can also ask on the german forum above. The 400v psu/500v max output version outputs more power and at a lower distortion than kgss as far as I know =)

All of those are in near new condition and less than 1 year old/have hardly been used, since by the time I come home from work/cook/shower/etc, I don't really have the effort/time to fire up my desktop system :)

How much?
All yours for $2000 pickup or bank transfer within Aus (add 4% paypal if paypal is used). Please see the note regarding shipping below

I may want to trade both the SR-507 and Transistor-amp v3 for a closed dynamic setup or HP + cash on your side. (although you will have trouble trying to find closed dynamic HP I haven't tried and hate. Also, sorry I don't need any open HP or DACs)

Shipping/Pickup/International Shipping
Preferably I'd like to sell these locally/pickup within Sydney and you can organize to come have a listen...
I can also ship within Australia (about $50 for the amp, and $40 for the rest) the amp.
I could do international shipping, but you pay the shipping as quoted by auspost for the 12KG amp and about 4kg for the SR-507 + arc + stand (separate box)... so international shipping is about $300...(2 parcels, 1 12kg :) ). You could get a more exact quote to your place at (please note the shipping is in AUD, so convert the quoted shipping to USD) Please also add 4% paypal. Please note I can't do anything about having to ship 4 and 12 kg boxes or the price auspost quotes you. Yes it is expensive.

So if you're bored and having an existential HP crisis too, shoot me a PM :D ...

ps more pics of the 507 are in my review:
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