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Stax headphones - cleaning with compressed air?

  1. CT007
    What's the best way to clean Stax? Send them back to Stax, and have them do it for me? Send to a Stax Cleaning Specialist(SCS)? Is a certain air pressure safe to clean with?
  2. Dulalala
    I would highly recommend against using pressurised air. Use a brush or something soft.
  3. CT007
    Like, actually take them apart and brush directly on the driver..? Hmmm.
  4. Dulalala
    That's obviously not what I meant. Just don't touch the drivers and brush off the dust around the headphones. If you really want to use pressurised air, feel free too.
    Last edited: Sep 17, 2018
  5. CT007
    Not sure how that's not obvious, when dust on the driver is what causes the problems. I emailed Woo Audio to see if they have a real answer. So far, they said,

    "Do NOT blow air into any electrostatic headphones", and offered the CPC-1 dust cover to purchase. Also, "we have never had a STAX headphone damaged from exposure to dust."

    Sounds like Stax are NOT cleanable, if they ever do get dusty/dirty. I'll keep asking around...

    From Staxaudio, "A soft brush would work. Be careful not to blow strong air into it to risk damaging the drivers." Still a bit vague, but it seems light air may be ok.
    Last edited: Sep 18, 2018

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