Stax 3030 system vs. 3050A
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Hi Everyone,

it seems that the main difference b/w the systems in the title are the 313 amp vs. 323II amp. Can anyone tell me what the difference is in amp sonic performance (if any)?
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You can get the 3050A system for a bargain price, sometimes lower than the 3030 used. So in that sense, there's no question which you should choose.

I like the sound of that! Where can I find such a bargain?
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Or comission an online Japanese shoppers to do the purchase for you, i still saved $70 from pricejapan. Only problem is that you get the 100v power supply if you import it from Jap, rather than 110-240v from Stax's international distributors.
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funny you should both mention transformers - I just received an email from a UK seller re: his sr-omega and sr-007t; he spoke with the distributor (so I'm taking this with a grain of salt) who told him that if he wanted to sell to me I'd need a transformer for 115 V and that the transformer would alter the sound. Something to think about when considering the japanese units w/o universal voltage adjustment (SRM-7 has universal voltage adjustment IIRC).
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None of the current Stax units are fitted with a voltage selector and haven't been for quite a while. They can be modified though but you need to know what you are doing and the correct configuration, which can be found here on the forums. With the old amps you only needed to change jumpers or move some wires but the new stuff is a bit harder as you need to modify the transformer which can be risky.

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