Static/Fuzz with Chord Mojo

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by emergencylies, Aug 10, 2017.
  1. emergencylies
    Hey, I recently got a Mojo off Amazon. I have found it has static that is audible with low volumes, and increases with loudness to the point it is eventually drowned out. It's very noticeable during the quiet part of songs, and the intros, and is very distracting. With no volume their is no static.

    Any other users have this issue or a fix?
  2. emergencylies
    btw this on aeon, no problems before
  3. loominos
    With my andromedas in the Mojo, I never really had any static or hissing except for some songs, for example Tatyana Ryzhkova songs. However, other than that, I've never had any problems with the Mojo regarding static or hissing with other sources.
  4. turkayguner
    I have such a low static at all volume levels when there is no music played with my hiss magnet Shure SE846. The hiss yet I hear is always the recordings' noise floor. I think you have a faulty USB cable or a defective unit.

    I suggest you to try it out on a different transport with a different USB cable.
  5. PpapaBearD
    Agree...have yet to experience this with my Mojo whether at home or on a plane...guessing it's a cable or source issue.
  6. Wyd4
    Hey there,

    Did you end up finding the source of the interference or noise?

    You wouldn’t believe it but I have been running the aeon and mojo flawlessly for months.

    The last few days there has been a fuzzy quality to the sound.
    I have been trying to isolate it between headphones, dac, source.

    Does not appear to be the cable as I have tried 3 separate USB cables, 2 org cables. A cck with iPad etc.

    It is hard as I have no other dacs or headphones and it’s starting to look like it’s one or the other of those.

    I find it unlikely to be the headphones as it’s both channels and th likelihood of both drivers having problems at the same time is very very low.

    Is it a problem that @mrspeakers or @Rob Watts may have encountered?
    I have had several interactions with both of these fellows and they are great to work with.


  7. Themordent
    Seems to be a lot of mixed experiences on this issue. I have owned and regularly used two Mojos (received the second one as replacement for the first which would not properly associate with my PC over USB), and the noise floor on both units was definitely audible through the IEMs I used (primarily Ety ER4S, CA Andromeda). Tried changing from PC to laptop, USB to optical, moving it around, etc. with no appreciable difference in hiss. Really made me appreciate the Micro iDSD and its IEMatch functionality.

    Not a commentary on signal quality as the Mojo sounds quite good for its asking price, but for me the hiss was always there (especially through the Andros...).
  8. turkayguner
    I do hear a hiss as well when not playing music with my 9 ohms Shure SE846s but the experience I have with Mojo is very analog-like, like the walkman days..

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