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Starting Point Systems portable NOS DAC

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by cjg888, Mar 12, 2014.
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  1. audiojun
    I don't get the battery thing because the ebay description is confusing. So how am I supposed to charge this dac?
    BTW I just received the battery nos dac yesterday.
  2. adobotj

    You charge it with a ac/dc charger like this.

  3. audiojun
    I have an charger, but how do I know it's charging? for example Do I plug it in and turn on main power and battery off, which way is it?
  4. adobotj

    That's right. Turn on mains and turn battery off. That will charge the battery.

    Edit: and everytime you use the dac (mains and battery on) it will slow charge the battery.

    P.s. Turning the battery on while plugged in (mains on) will buffer the current and make the signal from the dac 'cleaner'. Similar to a toroidal transformer/power supply.
  5. audiojun
    Also how do you know when it's fully charged? does the led changes colors or something?
  6. adobotj

    That one I'm not sure as my unit is always plugged in and will not overcharge when it reaches maximum voltage (full charge). Haven't got a chance to just charge the unit. Will try it out.
  7. audiojun
    I just plugged this thing in with the mains and battery on WOW. Big difference to the sound quality when this dac has both the battery and mains on. I think my battery must had been almost dead. It brings out the sound and gives it a punchy high current feeling to it.
  8. audiojun
    I returned the DAC, I like my Bifrost more.
    I felt the NOS DAC sounded a little flat, the peaks in music didn't have enough energy and the highs are little less detailed than the Bifrost. Also the NOS DAC outputs a weaker signal I have to turn the dial on my crack more to volume match it.
    The music feels less engaging and more laid back. It's not a bad dac but it's just not my taste.
    Going to be doing the Bifrost Multibit upgrade instead.
  9. uncola
    yes, non oversampling dacs definitely sound different than typical oversampling ones.. also multibit vs delta sigma.. that was my same impression.  the dac did do some things better than my geek out.. like vocals in acoustic music
  10. audiojun
    I exchanged messages back and forth with the designer of the dac.
    We concluded the reason why I preferred the Bifrost was because it had an output stage so it worked better with my Crack, while the NOS DAC is direct output from the dac chip with capacitors. The NOS DAC may need a preamp to do it justice.
    asilker likes this.
  11. landroni
    How do you contact the designer? I can't see any contact info on the DAC3's product page...
  12. audiojun
    I messaged him on ebay.
  13. rodge827
    I just ordered a Dac3 and hope to have it soon. I read through the many interesting and informative replys in the thread and have a couple of questions.
    Has anyone used a linear power supply and bypassed the batteries?
    Has anyone tried the SP Dac in an audio system?
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  14. asilker
    I've got a Modi 1, which I suspect may have become the weakest link in my chain. Considering moving up to the Bifrost in one of the Uber offerings, but this is a tempting item. Have any of you owners also owned Schiit gear?
    so sorry all, I now see the comparison to Bifrost which rests directly above my question. I've even inquired about his bifrost for sale. DUH.
    Thanks for the comparison. Question answered
  15. gvl2016
    I got this little puppy as well, the DAC3 iteration that is. Interesting that some think it sounds flat. My impression it is actually more in your face across all spectrum as compared to some other DACs I heard, and not in a bad way, it sounds a tad punchy, and yes vintage. The details are there, in fact I think they are somewhat amplified at times. The highs are a bit sloppy but not too bad. It is definitely fun to listen to, will see if these impressions last. I noticed USB sounds more lively than the optical input, which was odd.
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