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Starting Point System NOS TDA 1543 Battery operated DAC + ifi ipower 15v

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  1. Dadbeh
    For Sale
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    • North America
    This DAC is in excellent condition and sounds phenomenal.

    it includes two new Lithium Ion Batteries at the cost of 25$ that i include. the original batteries started losing capacity. So this unit comes with brand new lithium dac that have twice the capacity of the original stock batteries and will keep the unit running for long time.

    this DAC is quiet on Battery and bass is to die for. it has that sweet musicality of NOS dacs.

    price is 85$ OBO for the DAC itself with NO Power supply. you will need your own 9v to 15v power supply to charge the batteries.

    this DAc also works very very well on good power supplies (as in connected to power supply contantly and not using the batteries) like LPS or ifi ipower. i have a 15 volt ifi ipower that is as quiet as the batteries (this is incredible and good for ifi) the cost of this power supply is 35$. I suggest the ifi for this unit, it works amazingly well and you basically dont need to worry about batteries anymore.

    the DAC has no retail box. ill cover the fees for paypal and message me for shipping.

    DAc is used but excelent no scratch, looks like new.
    ifi power supply is literally mint and its box and accessories are perfect.
    Last edited: Dec 12, 2018
  2. Dadbeh
  3. Dadbeh
  4. Dadbeh

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