Start Making Your Plans For 2011 CanJam @ RMAF (Rocky Mountain Audio Fest)!
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VIDEO ADDED: Product Sneak Peaks, CanJam @ Rocky Mountain Audio Fest (RMAF)

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Denver Marriott Tech Center
October 14, 15, and 16, 2011


For the third year in a row, we will have a CanJam event at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest (CanJam @ RMAF).  For those of you not familiar with Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, it is thought by many to be one of the finest consumer high-end audio shows in the world.  And this year, CanJam @ RMAF will also serve as the 2011 International Head-Fi Meet, so we expect even more high-end headphone audio goodness than ever before!

Is there a DAC, computer audio gear, turntable, CD player, loudspeaker, or any other type of high-end audio component you want to hear?  Chances are it'll be at RMAF.  You’ll also be able to enjoy great music, discussion panels and keynotes, and, of course, the camaraderie of having thousands of like-minded audio geeks in the same place for a whole weekend!  To see a list of companies exhibiting at RMAF 2011, click on this link (as of this writing, most of the CanJam @ RMAF exhibitors are not yet on this list).

CanJam @ RMAF will once again be hosted in the Rocky Mountain Event Center ballroom (giving us over 12,000 square feet to showcase headphone audio exhibitors and member rigs).  Over the previous two events, CanJam @ RMAF exhibitors have included:
• Sennheiser
• Moon Audio
• ALO Audio
• Woo Audio
• Schiit Audio
• Ray Samuels Audio
• HeadRoom
• HeadAmp
• Cypher Labs
• Ultimate Ears
• beyerdynamic
• Monster Cable
• HeadDirect / HiFiMan
• Westone
• JH Audio
• Audeze
• Lavry Engineering
• CEntrance
• This year, we expect most previous exhibitors will return, with many more still to announce!
As in previous years, there will also be an area at CanJam @ RMAF dedicated to member systems, to give you a taste of what other Head-Fi’ers are using and listening to.

There will also be exhibitor giveaways (the details of which we will announce soon, in the CanJam @ RMAF thread at]

And, to celebrate Head-Fi’s 10th anniversary, we’ll be having a Saturday Night Social in the Rocky Mountain Event Center, with free local brew on tap!

For more information, visit Rocky Mountain Audio Fest's website at And we will soon be providing more information (and some photos from previous CanJams @ RMAF) here in this thread.

Come join us on October 14, 15, and 16, 2011, in Denver, for the 2011 CanJam @ RMAF!
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I hope to drop by again this year... in the absence of a Colorado  meet this year, it looks like we're getting the CO , National and RMAF all in one :)
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I'll have to see how thing's are fund wise, but I would really like to go. Thank's for the info Jude.
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I can't travel there considering I'm a 19-year-old student in Europe, but I hope everyone gets to enjoy this event, and hopefully a few more reviews will show up from the people trying all the audiophile goodness there!
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It sucks that I'm still in Highschool... Can't miss those classes, especially since it's last year.
Just out of curiosity, How do these meets usually go down?
Just a bunch of people, headphones, and amps everywhere? Do people usually bring their own headphones or just test other members rigs?
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I am moving to Denver in a week, and this is 8 minutes from my new apartment!!!!!!!!!!!!  SO.  FRIGGIN.  EXCITED!!!!!!!
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I bet this would be an awesome event and head-fi meet. Very tempting - I couldn't resist looking up flight prices. Any other UK head-fi'ers thinking of going?
Is this event big enough to cause local hotel prices to rise significantly?
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Plan on being there all three days... kind of excited about checking all the speaker rigs too ... awesome.

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