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Stars - Set Yourself on Fire

Discussion in 'Music' started by omedon, Apr 23, 2006.
  1. omedon

    I picked this up a couple months back along with Feist - Let it Die, Sufjan Stevens - Illinoise, and Pat Metheny - the Way Up. One of those 2 for $25 and 2 for $30 deals at HMV.

    Played it. Thought it was pretty good but never really gave it any more listening time. Well I picked it up again and it has been in my player pretty consistently for over a week now. It is a lot of fun. Plenty of great songs. They do lots of interesting things with the music and there are two solid singers one male one female.

    Anyways I like this album a lot. I could get more specific about why I think it is great but would rather just enjoy it rather than disect it to death.

    Definitely worth checking out, as it is a fair amount of fun with the phones.
  2. virometal Contributor

    added nothing to the thread
  3. Borat
    This is an excellent pop record. The previous release Heart is also good.

    And the video for "Reunion" is really funny.

    I'm a fan of all the Broken Social Scene female vocalists (Leslie Feist, Amy Millan of Stars, and Emily Haines of Metric). Really strong releases from all of their side projects recently.

    I hear Feist is working with Jamie Liddell for her next LP of new material. Open Season, a collection of remixes of songs from Let it Die just leaked and should be out in stores soon.
  4. breadcrumbs
    I like Set Yourself On FIre better than Heart, but they're both pretty close in terms of quality. Nice indie pop that doesn't get tired as quickly as many of the other artists in the genre. You've probably heard Architecture in Helsinki, Camera Obscura, Broken Social Scene, Feist... but if you haven't you should look into them.
  5. omedon
    I have heard of all of those.

    I have not had the pleasure of listening to Camera Obscura or Architects of Helsinki though I was planning on picking AoH at some point. I will try to remember to keep my eyes out for Camera Obscura as well now. Thanks for the recommendations.

    I think I like the indie pop style of Stars as a bit of a breakaway from indie rock like the new pornographers, pavement, and teenage fanclub. Also it is a little more lyrical than the excellent Broken Social Scenes albums which is quite nice.
  6. TheMarsVolta
    If you like the Stars album, check out 'Metric - live it out' as borat mentioned above. Solid songs, with more a guitar based sound compared to Stars.

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