Starcraft 2
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I have a friend in Diamond. I have yet to start playing MP, I'm going through the campaign when I'm not studying 
 I don't figure that I'll be any good, I mostly bought it to have some fun with my Diamond-league friend.
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Been playing the custom game 'Desert Strike' super fun. Just make sure you drop your settings a bit.

Desert Strike is fun indeed. For anyone interested, here is a link.

is anyone here in diamond league?

I am diamond 1v1 and 2v2 right now. Not sure if there are any other players on Head-Fi in diamond. (probably there are)
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I didn't think there would be any players in Head-Fi. Good to see I'm wrong.
Diamond 1v1 and Platinum 2v2. I play Custom Games too though. 
I'm up for games whenever I'm on. Ladder games are so taxing. 
Add me if you want. :)

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Hehe I want to get into Stracraft, but I am afraid to start and be all noob, I did play a bit got to gold-diamond ages ago =(
Wish Toronto had more LAN's 
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I play random, and I'm currently a silver/plat (Yes, silver/plat, between my two accounts) Random player. Hit me up if you want to play sometime. Stegosaurus.345

I go to a nerdy school, and our Starcraft club has weekly meetings where we take a lecture hall and watch/play starcraft on the projector screen. Great fun.
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I love the custom games in sc2, the cat and mouse games are the best xD
I'm diamond too, and trying to stay in plat for 2v2 so that I don't have to play any intense games.
Email is if anyone wants to add me, I love playing 2v2s or 3v3s
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Im gold-plat lvl, but tend to try and stick in silver-gold just to have fun (2v2's) and because its easier to play no matter what partner you get hehe
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The GSL Code S finals is going live in a few hours! How many people here are going to be watching?

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