Standamounts better than Kef LS50's

  1. hornytoad
    Hi , I am looking for a pair of standamounts to replace my Kef LS50's as they are going in another room. There is limited space and I have mostly Schiit equipment (Freya ,Yggy,two Vidars-mono ) .
    Unfortunately , I live nowhere near a decent audio store.

    Price range 1-5 K . I listen to jazz ,rock mostly . Occasionally some classical and r & b

    Give me some suggestions, thanks.
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  2. wotef
    How big is your room? BTW, you realize that bookshelves on stands saves no space at all from floorstanders with the same lower surface area :smile_phones:? (you probably get more bass from floorstanders).

    I don't know what the Schiit stuff sounds like, but monitors I like are: ATC SCM19, Aerial 5T, Dynaudio X18 -- but also, don't rule out compact floorstanders.
  3. hornytoad
    Forgot to mention its a bedroom ,about 18 by 22 feet,thats why I mentioned standamounters because of the bed in there.
  4. D2Girls
    Contact Israel Blume at Coincident Audio. He sells a loudspeaker that is in your budget, it's called the Coincident Dynamite. He also sells a tube amp that is a perfect match for said speaker, the dynamo 34se mk ii. Check out his website shipping is included with all of his prices!

    As a KEF ls50 owner and as someone who is going to audition the dynamites soon, I will post my impressions on this site most likely.

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