SR80e vs HD558/579 vs SHP9500S

  1. huilun02
    Anyone know if any of these are particularly outstanding for ~$100 on Amazon?
    Looking for an open back set for indoor listening while on holiday
    Going to plug it into a V30 or OnePlus3T, no external dac/amp
    I listen to orchestra, EDM and modern synthwave with vocals
    Going for an airy and natural wide soundstage, able to hear fine details without anything recessed or overpowering
    Impartial to on-ear vs over-ear but the latter should be more comfortable
    Don't care for fancy looks and branding, sound bleed or fancy features

    If there is something better for ~$100 on Amazon do tell me about it. Thanks!
  2. PurpleAngel Contributor
    My personal preference would be for the HD558/HD579, for someone more into bass, the SHP9500 might be a better choice.
    I've heard others say that some Grado models (SR80e ?) are on the bight side, like sitting at the front seat of a rock concert.
  3. huilun02
    Thanks for the input! I bit the bullet and ordered the SHP9500S after looking at past reviews and comparisons. They seem to consistently praise it for being the best all-rounded performer at its price with a slight quirk in the upper mid range. No one mentioned about the bass standing out though, saying its not for bass-heads. I also noticed "Grado" sound being widely recognised and referred to as a characteristic of their products. Decided not to go for that as I want to avoid the risk of disliking the outlier. Also the SR80e being on-ear loses out points in the same area where the SHP9500S excel - comfort.
  4. PurpleAngel Contributor
    I own the HD558 and the HD558 does not have a lot of bass (but it's there), the SHP9500 will just have more bass then the HD558.
  5. harry501501
    I actually found the 558 to have more bass than the SHP by far. The Grado even more so. I never liked the 558 as i found it a bit incoherent and metallic in the mids. The SHP needs a very good warm source to sound it's best IMO as the bass is very light (it's decent quality but still light) and a fairly thin overall sound. Perhaps even a more neutral AMP with good note weight. The sr80e I found far too bright but from what i remember it had the better bass more so in quantity though. I think the sr80e is the better headphone of the three. For orchestra they are all good but I'd perhaps give it to the SHP (by a small margin tho).
  6. Robertwills
    Koss has a relatively new headphone, the KPH30i, at $30.00 that looks to be a real winner. I would get it but it is outside my criteria right now (I need practical portability and sensitive at least 103 db). I have the Sportapro and Grado sr60. Both are excellent and comfortable but the Sportapro is far superior to me. I will try the KTXPRO1 soon. It has a titanium driver which is reputed to give detail like an electrostatic headphone. At $20.00 it should be another Koss miracle.

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