SR60s for $62 or SR80s for $85?
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The sr80's are worth it.
Honestly, you would need to get sr225's for anything better.
If you can though, I woud get MS1's since they are a little more neutral and more versitile.
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MS-1 for $99
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Originally Posted by Fungi /img/forum/go_quote.gif
But there are some people that prefer the bass quantity of the SR-60. They're just different, like how there are people that prefer the SR-225 to the SR-325i or the RS-1 to the GS1000.

That's due to the fact that the SR-60's come with flat pads, no?
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Originally Posted by Silvain /img/forum/go_quote.gif
That's due to the fact that the SR-60's come with flat pads, no?

They come with comfies (flat, but not "flats" with holes from TTVJ), and changing the pads will cost you another $10-$40 depending on what you get.
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No, SR-60 come with comfys (like 414) and SR-80 come with bowls.

I think both of those are better for rock than MS-1, but MS-1 rule for jazz and classical.

When my son took my MS-1 for himself on Jan 7 for his birthday, I picked up some SR-80 after a lengthy listen at the music store - listening between SR-60, his MS-1 and the SR-80. I didn't open them, and within a week found some used SR-60 for half the price, and returned the SR-80 unopened. The SR-60 are close enough that I haven't looked back, and you can see I have tons of Grados. The SR-60 are what prompted me to sell my iGrados.

The SR-80 however, do have an extra level of detail and layering, that the SR-60 give up in exchange for more bass. With a good amp, the SR-80 have plenty of bass, but they are harder to drive than the SR-60 I think. The SR-80 sound like a less bassy lower cost version of the RS-1, which means they are brighter than the SR-60 and MS-1 (unless you use bowls on those, then they are too bright too).
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Originally Posted by FrederikS|TPU /img/forum/go_quote.gif
You could just quarter mod the comfies if you want that "flat pad" sound. As TSi said get the SR-60s if you then decide you like the Grado sound you will have $15 more to spend on a pair of high end ones.

IMO quarter modded 414's are closer to flat pad sound but still are not the same, something about the flats just makes the Grados much better to listen to.

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