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SR60i vs Creative Aurvana Live vs ATH M-50

  1. MajorWubba
    Hello Head-fi'ers one and all. I am MajorWubba, and this is my first post and first foray into audiophilia. I am here to ask for the opinions of more experienced Head-fi'ers in a choice of headphones. My first step up from Apple earbuds was a Tritton Detonator gaming headset, and though it was by no means the best that headphones have to offer, it was MUCH better than the earbuds. They have since broken, and are no longer fit to wear publicly and listen though. So, I am searching for a replacement/upgrade for them in the low- cost headphone range. I am now trying to choose between the Grado SR60i's, Creative Aurvana Live's, and ATH M-50's.
    I love the design of the SR60i's, and they have great feedback, but I am worried about the open design (I hate sound leakage). If anyone can lay my fears to rest in this respect, I will most likely get them.
    The Live's also have good reviews, though I am less fond of the design.
    The M50's look great, and have great reviews, but are pushing the very edge of my price range. If the general consensus is that they are far and away the best of the three, though, I will make the investment.
    At this point, I am just looking for a decent set of headphones that sound good on their own, with an average setup. I will not be using amps or anything like that at this time, and will mostly be playing music through them from my iPhone or Macbook. I mainly listen to electronic music, trance, house, dance, dubstep, and the like, though I am also fond of alternative rock and a smattering of classical.
    Any feedback is welcome. If anyone has an even better suggestion than one of these three that is in my price range (preferably under $100), I will consider it as well.
    Thank you all.
  2. Magicman74
    Wow, three totally different sounding cans.  I've never heard the 60s but owned the 80's. 
    They leak sound like speaker.  I could never get them to have decent comfort but they do sound fantastic.  VERY aggressive, Made for Rock/Metal music. The way they make guitars sound is something you have to hear at least once in your life.
    The Cal for me is the winner in this group.  It's the most friendly of the sets.  The Bass isn't the deepest are the hardest hitting, The mids are a little pulled back/slightly, The treble has a fantastic sparkle. And the soundstage is very nice for a small closed set.
    Much more musical sounding of this group. It plays pretty nice with all types of music.
    The M50's on the other hand, I didn't care for...It's a very funny sounding can.. Some stuff sounds great and some stuff is just bad.
    The Bass can go deep but is uncontrolled, The mids are really sucked out and the treble is grating at times. Sound stage, Is to closed in giving you " In the Head" sound, where the Cal is wider sounding.  Build is the best on the M50's tho.
    If you look around you've got fans of the Cal and fans of the M50, But if you will find out most of " The Big" reviewers will prefer the Cal.  And half the price of the M50. 

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