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SR60i driver

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  1. rolph
    Hi there.
    I'm looking for 1 sr60i driver.
    Will buy both of 60i or 80i.
  2. Claritas
    You might want to make sure you have a professionally matched set or you could end up with an imbalance depending on production variation.
  3. rolph
    I have completely ruined left driver. I think one from sr60i will be ok, because technically they are identical.
    So, I will buy both of them if someone have it for sale.
  4. Claritas
    I understand. A lone 60i driver might not be identical because they're matched at the factory, and every company allows for a degree of production variation.

    It might be a good idea to call Grado and ask. I've found them to be forthcoming, so long as you speak to someone other than the secretary. Best luck!
Thread Status:
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