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SR60i driver buzzing?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by cappuccino, Jul 31, 2011.
  1. Cappuccino
    I've had my SR60's for about a month now and I'm really enjoying them, except that sometimes I hear buzzing in my left driver, particularly when there's a lot going on and when there's a lot mid-high tones. This occurs when I'm listening at mid-high and high volumes. Is there any way to fix this? I can sometimes tap the can and it'll go away for a little, but will eventually come back. 
  2. blufox4900
    Grado grattle. Typically means that there's something inside the drivers rattling around. I had those with mines and the best way to get rid of them is to gently blow into the headphones or play a really bassy song for a while. I did those and got rid of my grattle problem. Just the annoyance you gotta put up with open headphones. 
  3. Chris_Himself
    Ah crap, you have Grattle, are these new Grados or old ones?

    They supposedly don't have this problem with the "i" models. Before, like 2% of the Grados shipped with this. 
    One time I had it and it was honestly a hair touching the driver and it was REALLY annoying.
    Grado will fix it for free, but that 10 dollar shipping is a B yo
  4. Cappuccino
    It's the new ones, the 60i's. I love these things, I did find something about them on the internet about that rattle a while ago.....believe it was an old head-fi thread.
  5. Chris_Himself
    Yeah if blowing any crud out doesn't work, you might want to look at mailing them back to Grado or your distributor to get it sorted out. Nothing like a simple problem ruining a complex way to leisure =/
    I'm happy you enjoy the cans though!
  6. Cappuccino


    Thing is, I don't want to blow my drivers. Will it be safe to play a bassy song without my heaphones blowing?
  7. Cappuccino


    Thanks. Will canned air from a distance work? I don't think it'll be a good idea to blow canned air directly at the drivers.....
  8. Chris_Himself
    "Grattle" is usually something stuck in there and buzzing. Grado drives look like your basic speaker but they use this weird mylar membrane over the top, if there are any crinkles or anything sticking to it, it can cause that. You could also just have a bad driver, who knows?
    But yeah I doubt blowing compressed air is going to kill them, just go to the SR-60 mod thread and post there, there are quite a few Grado geniuses in there
  9. blufox4900
    What I did was take out the pads and blow on them gently from like a foot away. I also examined the pads for any hairs, strangely found a lot of my dog's hair. That helped out out a lot. 
  10. Chris_Himself


    Btw thats a really solid setup you've got in your sig
  11. blufox4900
    Lol that's not a dog at all, it's a picture of an Arctic Fox a friend of mines took. Used it as an avatar for years. I do have a couple of pictures of my dogs on my photostream on flickr if you wanna check those out, though. And thanks, btw! It's not much but it sure is something :)
  12. FearSC549
    Blow them drivers. 
  13. Cappuccino


    YEAH! Wait, no.
    For some reason the stock pads pick up so much hair for some reason, so it's probably hair that's buzzing. Also, will the L-cushions fit my SR60i's?
  14. blufox4900
    The pads do pick up a lot of hair, I just check them regularly for any strains since they're easy enough to take off. And yes, any grado pads would fit, they're all interchangeable. 
  15. Cappuccino
    Awesome, thanks!

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